The Story of Your Life

... Is not told by updates, every day. It is not detailed by keeping track of everywhere you've been.

You do not wear a sign on your chest that tells other people whether or not you're in a relationship. Corporations are not human beings and do not deserve to be treated as 'friends'. What you watch on your TV, is your business. Not mine.

The story of your life is not written by someone else. There are vulgar moments. Moments of extreme beauty. There are moments within your life that you cannot put into words. Your dreams are part of you. So are your nightmares. The story of your life is not idealized by a picture that you chose to represent yourself. You do not choose to select how others will see you. Those who read the story of your life, will find their own meaning in everything you have written. It is a deeply personal thing. It is yours, to write. One word at a time. Think about what you wish to say. Write it carefully. Record it somewhere - from which you can return, time and again. Alone.

The story of your life is not written automatically.

The story of your life is written in the eyes of your firstborn child. Its punctuation mark is inscribed in your real life accomplishments. It divides its chapters between the touch of your baby's newborn skin, the touch of your wife - and the firm hand of the man who will lower you into your grave. Its ending words are not written on a glowing LCD screen, there to be erased whenever the power fails.

The final words of your life are written in stone. And will stand on a hill.

I will go there one day. And I will sit down. And think of you.

And at that moment, perhaps my cellphone might go off. On my screen, an 140 character wonder of expression. Perhaps there will be an important message from someone I don't know - who wants to talk to me. Perhaps there will be a carefully worded advertisement that looks like it comes from my 'friend'. Who is in fact, a company.

The tone my cellphone will make, is completely customized. Maybe I'll make it the opening bar of "Aerial" by System of a Down. Or maybe a tune from Brahms.

Perhaps , I will reach for my cellphone. Or whatever it has become - in that faraway future. A transparent flex screen that floats in the air. An implant in my head that displays upon my retina. A satellite phone version 12 with always on capability - powered by an unlimited battery. Unlimited message capability. Perfect resolution and screen clarity and high speed 10G coverage.

No Dead Spots.