Third of Ten

When in the course of human events
it becomes necessary for men to rise up against
corruption, tyranny - and the reckless rule of the few
who by their overt theft and derivative action
have destroyed the integrity of finance
and in whose actions have resulted in network loss
and occlusion of the will of the people

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country
to cast aside the duty of the day
and look toward a brighter dawn
When men born on this soil can say
They are proud to be American
And are proud of what we have done

For it does not benefit a country
to have gained the wealth of nations
through surreptitious means - derivative action
and persistent beating of the drum through corporate media
to say otherwise

We hold these truths to be self evident
that all men are born equal
and all corporations are to be held accountable
to the eyes of the law
For what separates us
Man from Beast
is our sense of right and wrong

And we, as Americans - sense clearly in this day
that the wanton destruction of the Financial Markets
the continued suppression of good and faithful action to punish those responsible
the propagandist view that such action is outlaw
the willful distortion of any representation of such action by illusory means of medium
have created within a strong desire to realize with us all
that we are citizens of the world
connected by one internet
and are heading to the stars

We therefore take action against those who would destroy the integrity
and safety of any financial medium, network of commerce or broad market
from which our economical safety, and liberty derive

We call upon any who see themselves as a patriot
that it is the duty of the citizen
to maintain the cleanliness, and safety of all networks
social, economic, political, or physical
and to reject the cries of the corrupt
and stand up for our country

That the crimes of corporate interest
whose sole purpose is to isolate us from our government
will at last breathe its last gasp
upon the rocky shore simple public realization
and let the gifts of enlightenment, truth, and justice
be the downfall of the spin doctor
the corporate handmaiden
the news media entertainter
the corrupt politic
political and economic malcreants

For we here exercise our right as a sovereign people
to cast off the solemn and binding chain of tradition
and bring forth a new birth of liberty and justice upon this country

Whose spirit the creator in whom has breathed life
liberty, network neutrality and justice for all