The Half Asses vs. Occupy Wall Street

This post is for the fifty three percent.

The idea behind Occupy Wall Street has transformed itself into a global movement. Thank God. Freeing democracy from monied corruption is such a simple, and easy thing to grasp. It's about time we all started to see the light. The occupation exists at the doorstep of companies who rigged the Drachma, and stole trillions. And trillions. And trillions. ..

So much of the global economic turmoil that has existed since 2008 and the Bush Republicans - came from, simply, theft. Stealing. Think about this. Companies who hire corporate lobbyists ...are bribing congressmen.

There are entire TV News Media Entertainment Networks dedicated to the concept that they can be paid , not millions - but billions of dollars every election cycle.

They set themselves up as a kind of gate, not unlike a pledge that many congressmen have taken to a lobbyist firm - to ignore actual human participation and replace it with the idea that one must pay massive sums of advertising money to operate. "Appearances" and "sound bites" turn politics into a nonstop blood sport.

This subverts the will of the people, for the will of the corporation. Or the the group. It has created an odd kind of participant in our democracy. A hive mind. A creature that exists by the will of either a corporate interest, or a lobby. It collects itself up using email and constant interaction of its members - and then shambles towards Washington to take a prepared seat at the table. Mandibles dripping.

This new participant, in our governance - is the recipient of massive amounts of welfare. It is said that there are 53% of the American people who pay taxes - and 47% who do not. But this is a misleading statistic, that was fashioned by the lobbyists and broadcast on news media entertainment for the express purpose of turning American against American. The reality is much more interesting. Take a look.

Corporate Taxes as a Percentage of Federal Revenue
1955 . . . 27.3%
2010 . . . 8.9%

Corporate Taxes as a Percentage of GDP
1955 . . . 4.3%
2010 . . . 1.3%

Individual Income/Payrolls as a Percentage of Federal Revenue
1955 . . . 58.0%
2010 . . . 81.5%

When a person says that they are part of a group of people who bear the burden of the cost of government, it should be remembered that this is entirely true.

But when we look at the message in the context of - perhaps, a response to occupy wall street, I am reminded of the simple fact that many of these individuals who claim to be on a fify percent , or something - kick - completely ignore the fact that the movement is about freeing us from neoliberalism.

News Media Entertainment was directed by its corporate paymasters, and the lobbyists who have put the interests of the next election over the interests of the next generation of our citizens - to ridicule occupy wall street. They sought desperately to identify the "one message" that the movement represented. Why? Because it's a billion dollar industry and they are being attacked on all sides, by the free movement of information across the internet. Their dog and pony shows, which broadcast blatant distortion - are much more easily fact checked on a free, open internet. And they are frankly, concerned about their own existence.

So when larged, monied interests - strongly encourage the turning of one American, against another - simply because he or she stands up to obvious theft and corruption. They need a marketing campaign to go along with it. And so, they've come up with the fifty three percent thing.

Meanwhile, a new study released shows that one percent of America, has seen its income rise three hundred percent - while the vast majority of America has gone sideways or down. We see above the effect of neoliberalism - the substitution of a new citizen, as a participant in governance - and the removal of the human being as participant in government.

And so , at last, we see the real message behind occupy wall street. Because no one is asking for handouts. No one is asking for anything else except that you get off your fat, soft, ass. And realize that you, as a human being, are worth more than a thousand corrupt lobbyists , paid off politicians, talking heads on talking head news media entertainment channels - and people who put partisan bickering over actual integrity and the operation of government.

No one is asking anything, in fact. The entire concept that Occupy Wall Street, has one demand. Is a joke. It is designed specifically not to have a single demand. Therefore there can be no response.

Instead, it asks you to simply think, for a second. You are a human being. Should you be involved in your government?

You have let a new form of government take hold in your country. To be certain, the news media entertainment - that was supposedly covering it. The same 'network' that was completely up ended, from an investigative journalism standpoint - by a small group of people running a website .... these news media entertainers haven't told you they're neoliberal. The lobbyists haven't told you they're neoliberal. And the corporations - who have received, and my fellow American - I kid you not... Trillions... of dollars in handouts... have not told you they're neoliberal. Nobody wants you to know that you are no longer a part of the picture. Eight corporations control 86% of what every American sees, hears, or reads in print magazine, news, and television. They're getting paid to speak of "freedom". They have absolute, unassailable direction. Editors who cut against the grain of their advertisers don't last long.

A neoliberal society is a welfare state. Government exists to payout big sums of money to its citizens. So. Let me venture to sum it all up for you. The 53 percent. Who are not getting any of it. Just like the other 47.

You are not a citizen.

In The Neoliberal States of America, you can vote. But then, your congressman will meet with lobbyists, when he arrives in Washington - who will write legislation for him, and pay him. Your voice was not connected to your vote. It was simply a part of the actual citizen's campaign to install in power whomever he or she wished.

The only citizen in a neoliberal country. Is the lobby.

What are you? A power source. A bit like aphids and ants - the lobby stroking your back , occasionally - for either a bit of your private information - which you really didn't want private, did you? .. Your money... But mostly. It feeds on your brain.

Starting school? You'll pay retail. You'll buy an entire shopping cart full of school supplies. Maybe you have a "Slams Club" or a "Rostco" membership to help you haul them all away at a "discount".

You are being farmed. Instead of your school buying them wholesale and giving them to your kids, you'll go on big shopping sprees so that big ticket retail stores show a nice profit. School budgets will be cut again, because it saves money. ....

Senior Citizen? Ever heard of the new Medicare law, passed in 2008? Bush Republicans saw to it that you'll pay retail. Medicare is prohibited from being able to buy drugs using a group discount. It's buying donuts, one at a time , instead of cheaper by the dozen. By the truckload.

You supported the Bush Republicans. And it's not your fault. You're working hard, it takes time to check things. The Bush Administration spent more money marketing, than in the history of the White House - ever before ... to make a great campaign . "Don't let the smoking gun, turn into the mushroom cloud." ... You didn't check the facts. But it's cool. Think about it. You work more now, than ever before. It's a nonstop battle to hold onto everything. You're really busy, aren't you? You've got soccer. There's a meeting Wednesday night you need to make. Everything is just running so fast, these days. Right?

So, you rely on the "experts". You love it when two experts "debate". You secretly cheer for one side of the argument. You love to make sure people identify, because after all, it's so important to have "principles".

And to be fair, you could also just be someone who really isn't paying attention. Which is an easy thing to do in 2011.

You like the way things are. You want your 401k to be safe. You want conservatism. You want less taxes. You pay your share . You think occupy wall street is a bunch of kids. You are nowhere near wall street, right now. You're sitting there.

You are the fifty three percent.

The half asses.