When it came to a question of choice
she said: Don't even ask me. You know the answer.
And Life brought forth
amidst a hostile world
of cells that will not die
without nuclei

To such disease
perhaps the virus
saw the unborn as a door without a key
and try as it might
it could not defeat
genetic defense
in the swirling telomerase
of life come to be

Not to be outdone
the evil one
unfurled his wing
brushing against
the woman
and the child was born
skin so thin
you can see veins
cold plastic tubing
the wind beneath dark wing
the beast lashes into the world
and takes her just as the child is born
from within
but first
and if only because
the nurses insist
she holds her child

A single soul
Goes to our long home
And one day, a child's eyes will know
a tear
But now
they can barely focus

Born in light
and love

Close your eyes
and bring your lips tight over teeth
draw forward
press a baby's foot to your lips
and get some toes

One down
Nine to go