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Sony Go Pro 3

This camera fascinates me. I got a camera for christmas, I want to take shots like this.

Live for the Chase ( Christmas Bells Are Ringing)

Every poem is just a guess
I guess

You write whatever is best
and the old lines and edges
of words and sounds
fall in line

Every poem takes alot of concentration
and luck

The thoughts and feelings within
move around and shift inside
words and sounds
falling in line

Some men are born underneath a lucky star
Some women give birth beneath a lucky star

The child coming forth into the hay
the sheep goes bah
the cow goes moo
the horse goes neigh

Dark riders and three wise men
stopping on the side of the road
for a cheeseburger
and a shake

Live for the chase

Art of Life - X Japan

For Lord Oda Nobunaga

You do not look back anymore

You do not look back anymore
I go on to the endless future
The walk down this road
you have to believe ...

Glow Back Over Scars - Signal

I Pray

I pray
you can still feel

There will never be enough skin
for this ink

Save across my heart the words
Do Not Revive

Regardless of what they say
even things I have seen
in italian films

I pray
that you realize
you were beauty to me
and truth and love

You blew like a wind through my life
and helped me to see
the eternal golden braid

A tree turned in on itself

the thing that hurts you
always hurt me

I look over all I have done
I find dust

The words cut like a knife
but I must speak them to myself
until we both make them false

A virgin mary falling over by herself
A bolt of lightning to the uterus

You're there
you're alive

That's enough

It was always enough.
Fuck the caffeine.

There was drama
I could have avoided
And Love
That I could not

But a life lived
stretches limits
sometimes to incoherence

given me this moment
where I can feel
and see you again
before we all
go under

Your taste
your touch
the words
half formed in my throat

God …

Roads - Portishead

Inner Struggle

It's dark
but warm and loving and safe

A thin sheen covers my face
and my eyes are closed

I do not eat
but I am not hungry

I hear sound
but mostly

I float dreamlike
waiting for the moment
when I can tear the veil
and the water rushes out

I will hurt you.
In a fledgling and eminently real way

The kick inside

I wear the face I had
that was given to me by my parents
it is the face that I wear
before I was born

In mind
I can see south florida
although I've never been
I feel
a warm wind touching the palm
although I have no skin

The sea level goes higher
bit by bit

The weather
like two coiled springs
moving back and forth against each other

I imagine in the darkness
a shark circling the dock

And so I kick him in the teeth

And Again.
And Again.

Ode to A Pop Song

Have you ever heard a pop song
when you have a fever
or while seeing a beautiful sunset
or at the moment you held someone
that you loved for a long time
and finally touched again?

Have you ever heard a pop song
at the moment of award
when they had the coveted
(insert trophy/medal/plaque here)
to you and the crowd cheers?

Have you ever heard a pop song
playing in your mind
when you just barely held the line
between driving fast and losing control?

Have you ever heard a pop song
slickly polished and targeted
to mass audiences
when you stood in your front yard
and watched your children play?

Have you ever seen a pop star
standing there at bandorrah
waxing their board and paddling out
to seven foot waves?

Have you ever been to a concert
where pop music was played
and a mosh pit appeared in the center
whirling away?

Have you ever thought of a pop song
echoing in the operating room
when you were operating on
someone's brain?

Have you ever felt a pop song
when you pulled back on the c…

Radiohead - David Byrne/ The Talking Heads

Robot Clowns - Bob Wilson

I know you don't believe me
But the thoughts they never leave me
Push them down down down
To the bottom of my sea

(An incubus in grease paint)

And there they lay until this very day
Yes they've held their breath
But now their violet eyes
Slowly break the surface

Why did I try, why did I try
To watch that movie again?
Why did I think that I was immune
A little more now than then?
Cause now their rusted fingernails
Are scratching at my door

The robot clowns are coming soon
To sip lemonade in the afternoon
But their faces change at the cusp of night
To maniacal smiles and a mechanical bite.

Just because you don't perceive it
Doesn't mean that it's not really happening
It's a painful thing when your antenna's
High above the clouds

Turn out the light, turn off the phone
Turn off my mind , leave me alone
But now the robot clowns are scratching
At my bedroom door.

[You see, what you have Mr. Larrabee is
A garden variety psychosis
It can be treated with some therap…