Inner Struggle

It's dark
but warm and loving and safe

A thin sheen covers my face
and my eyes are closed

I do not eat
but I am not hungry

I hear sound
but mostly

I float dreamlike
waiting for the moment
when I can tear the veil
and the water rushes out

I will hurt you.
In a fledgling and eminently real way

The kick inside

I wear the face I had
that was given to me by my parents
it is the face that I wear
before I was born

In mind
I can see south florida
although I've never been
I feel
a warm wind touching the palm
although I have no skin

The sea level goes higher
bit by bit

The weather
like two coiled springs
moving back and forth against each other

I imagine in the darkness
a shark circling the dock

And so I kick him in the teeth

And Again.
And Again.