Ode to A Pop Song

Have you ever heard a pop song
when you have a fever
or while seeing a beautiful sunset
or at the moment you held someone
that you loved for a long time
and finally touched again?

Have you ever heard a pop song
at the moment of award
when they had the coveted
(insert trophy/medal/plaque here)
to you and the crowd cheers?

Have you ever heard a pop song
playing in your mind
when you just barely held the line
between driving fast and losing control?

Have you ever heard a pop song
slickly polished and targeted
to mass audiences
when you stood in your front yard
and watched your children play?

Have you ever seen a pop star
standing there at bandorrah
waxing their board and paddling out
to seven foot waves?

Have you ever been to a concert
where pop music was played
and a mosh pit appeared in the center
whirling away?

Have you ever thought of a pop song
echoing in the operating room
when you were operating on
someone's brain?

Have you ever felt a pop song
when you pulled back on the controls
and arched across the sky
on your first solo flight?

No? That's ok.

You'll hear it on day.

At a Rave.