I Pray

I pray
you can still feel

There will never be enough skin
for this ink

Save across my heart the words
Do Not Revive

Regardless of what they say
even things I have seen
in italian films

I pray
that you realize
you were beauty to me
and truth and love

You blew like a wind through my life
and helped me to see
the eternal golden braid

A tree turned in on itself

the thing that hurts you
always hurt me

I look over all I have done
I find dust

The words cut like a knife
but I must speak them to myself
until we both make them false

A virgin mary falling over by herself
A bolt of lightning to the uterus

You're there
you're alive

That's enough

It was always enough.
Fuck the caffeine.

There was drama
I could have avoided
And Love
That I could not

But a life lived
stretches limits
sometimes to incoherence

given me this moment
where I can feel
and see you again
before we all
go under

Your taste
your touch
the words
half formed in my throat

God loves his children.