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New Slang - The Shins

Fieldlings Letter Regarding Rove

There is an excerpt from this letter, published by newsweek yesterday that I find surprising. This letter attempts to define how a new Justice Department does their job? After the administration that called for writing it, is being investigated for attempting to corrupt that same agency. Interesting.. Rove is being brought forth to testify about a bizaareseries of moves by the former Administration to remove top Attorney Generals from their offices in each state, and replace them with Partisans. Rove maintains the rollodex of contributors, oilmen, the numerati , etc. - anyone who would have paid to play. Although it was stopped before it went full scope, it still hit the person who inspired the movie "Top Gun" and removed him from government. This action was unprecedented in scope, attempting to replace Attorney Generals multiple states. When they were caught they vaguely defined 'Homeland Security' provisions to attempt to keep those involved from reporting it …

Garden State - Conversation

Deaf Bunny

I have a secret thing for the show 'blind date'. I tend to really enjoy the thought balloons that they sketch into the show. Sure, I know the show isn't on TV anymore - that also gives you a pretty good idea about how much TV I happen to watch. (I just got around to seeing my first episode of 'Lost' last night. Liked it.) TV programs can disappear and three years later I'm not sure if they're playing. Ok. What I like most about that format is that you can take in the idea, perhaps - that two people are trying to convey using the voyeuristic lens of the camera as a kind of mind reading device. The mind, as my friend Benny used to say - is my second favorite organ. You would say.. ok, Benny, whats the first.. and he'd always smile and say ."I'm Thinking! I'm Thinking!! " I'm fascinated by the paradox - what is the stronger and more important bond, to the survival of the species - the bond between mating pairs, or the bond b…

History of the Internet

Romantic Dominant

What is a romantic dominant? The basic idea is someone who enjoys topping , kink - and at the same time elects to develop certain aspects of intimacy with his or her sub. The basic idea behind control is that a Romantic Dominant is a strong master that can also engage his or her playmate in scenese in which the basic submissive drive may play out as a form of growth, change and exploration of self. Althought a top may not , at one level , care about what their submissive thinks or feels- a Romantic Dominant is wiling to add the layer of sensation stored in the context of perhaps hidden feeling. Clearly, such a master should be in total control of physical and overt feeling - being unable to control scene at that level would provide for the addition of such explorative play to spiral the experience out of control. Correctly dealth with, however, those feelings act as an amplifier of the experience and scene. A subbie learning their place should yield from a properly appli…

Authority Zero

Chinese music plays quietly
the hardwood floors shine in the halflight of winter
reflections of a film called moon
where the evil is an inept bureaucracy
hitting us
close to home

It is the year of the Ox
I am a horse

Information flows through cisco networks
new life
with digital numerati acolyte
readying itself for space
because when we go up there
we come back insane

think for yourself
question authority
is not an illusion
is not a game
who is the greatest of these three

For the dragon now takes human form
to walk amongst
to rule with compassion

where the land meets the ocean
when the sun touches the sky
space and time
have memory
and spirit
every new year
is a gift

A Subpoena , With Rove

Karl Rove has been subpoenaed for his role in the destruction of the American department of Justice. Rove , over the last eight years, was a major force in that downturn of our country collectively referred to as the Bush Republican years. His ideas of keeping America divided, were the primary driver behind "Mr. Red, White, and Blue" on your block wanting to hate your guts. This would still be a divided country if it were not for the fact that the very foundation of America itself, the basic writings of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and even Alex Hamilton - are all aligned against such men and their ideas that one party or another can claim exclusivity to patriotism. The proceedings against Rove will go a long way to righting the wrongs we have suffered as a country. Here's a Karl Rove Classic robodialer, from the Campaign for South Carolina in the 2000 republican primary ... They saw McCain breaking away from them in New Hampshire, and so they made up a little ra…

For No-one - Paul McCartney

Ward , somethings wrong with the Beaver ...

Reading the morning news his jaw drops in horror. A beautiful woman is now having her hands and legs removed and her stomach cut out to save her from an infection that is rampaging her body. He thinks back to college. His nuclear physics professor, face scarred.. eyes set behind thick glasses stands before his class and says .."I am not afraid of nuclear war. I am afraid that the enemy will drop something in our water supply - some virus or biological warfare agent .. that will destroy us all." He leaves for work troubled. Some statistics that don't get airplay. He reflects upon the fact that Multiple resistance is skyrocketing in America. Up to almost 26%, up 8% from last year. The cold air hits him with a shock. He leaves his quaint suburban home, driving his gas efficient car to work. The image of the girl about to lose her life doesn't fade.. Johnny gets his gun..... "What are we going to do about this multiple resistance problem.." he …

The Barackberry

Obama plans to make government "open". Even though he's populated his cabinet with insiders and people who are commonly believed to be tied to the lobbyist industry. In fact, the director of the CIA is well known in DC as the lobbyist's pal. Thats an acronym, by the way. And it doesn't mean "Personal Antelope Licker" either. What doesn't come as a surprise is that President Barack Obama wants to get more work done out of the office. Thus. He's going to get a cellphone. Wow. Imagine. Government actually using something that helps you work.
What could possibly be a part of that phone, to warrant its pricetage of $3,350..? expense? First, I don't know I am just going to guess. Here's my idea of how the thing could work. First, you have to have solid encryption. That means dual key. This won't be a phone that any local yokle can call. It will be a phone that encrypts and decrypts on the fly, with NSA level encryption standards …

Queen [AMV]

8200 Broken

The floor for the market has been broken, we are currently at 8,100. Where is this going to settle? The answer is 8,200. This is a test of the market. Remember, markets don't follow linear patterns - thats a big misconception out there. ."I bought such and such a stock at so and so a price " calls to mind the idea that there is a continuous curve that arced upward from that price point to current day. Not always the case. To talk about realistic, meaningful statistical trends we have to sort of forget about the individual swings and move towards a discussion of the trendlines. What affects the stock index is really more the general outlook - the market trades ownership in companies, and their outlook determines return. When I made the prediction that 8,200 would hold - it was a prediction based on a few simple assumptions. First, I wrote that the influence of the infrastructure crash would give us a loss of market capital to power certain markets and they would…

The Second Hand Unwinds...

So once again we are hammering on 8,200. Word probably got out that the job loss numbers in the past month were nowhere near 500k, more like 700k which is pretty epic. In the words of Linus Van Pelt , I feel a strange sense of calm. Who knows why. Personally, and professionally I am hardly at the apex of my career. Honestly, I feel like I am dead. I feel like some part of me is gone and will never return. And it feels good. I feel like I don't have to feel things anymore. Like I don't have to breathe air, almost. I walk by people and their lives seem to flow along invisible lines tracing through the air to me. I feel like a camera, a tape recorder - some kind of higher order device that is being used to catalogue and record everything around me. There is a book inside of me waiting to get out. Research that wants to find the light of day. It doesn't care anymore what its doing with my head, it just wants to play with other peoples heads now. Sounds. Whispers. Color…

The one thing I teach my cat

I have a hard and fast rule about Cats. No litterboxes. This can lead to some interesting moments if you have kittens. The image below bears an uncanny likeness to one of my cats.. I think I even saw him one night getting something from the fridge...

Cats are pretty un-trainable. So what I do is , first feed the cats outside. And then keep them outside for a while. In this way, a cat will find a place to "go" - they like to find places where they scratch the ground. This seems to give them a target location and they tend to remember where that is, and go back there although you never really want to know exactly where and they don't want you to , either. They might keep newspapers or magazines out there - who knows.. However, they will remember the location and go there again. Over time it will be unthinkable of them to foul your home. Kittens, on the other hand, don't really have that kind of routine to their lifestyle - they will make mistakes. Punish them …


The sweat rolls off his brow, six miles into the workout. I don't even break a sweat anymore until I go over four miles he thinks to himself. His pace is way too low, 11 minute miles. But he feels good. Swimming in the pool, the chlorine level so high the next day when he washes his hair the residue rinses down into his eyes and it burns them. He makes a mental note to bring his swimming goggles. While he works out, his thoughts tend to drift to her.. a one-sided relationship, a dream goddess - oddly - no intention of catching her. A psychological diversion. Her image maintains itself calmly, implacably in his mind - Attractive. Clever. Desirable. Polyamorous. That last bit always gets him. He knows he is a swinger also... he has not idolized her. He forgets to think about her sometimes. How strange to describe that he simply wants her to be alive, doesn't really want to meet her or make love to her - just wants her and her child to be healthy. Happy. Strong. Some bon…

Paper Planes - M.I.A. [Slumdog Millionaire AMV]

Pirate skulls and bones
sticks and stones and weed and bones
running when we hit them
lethal poison for their system

some some some I murder
some some some I let go
some some some I murder
some some some I let go

MIA - My Mother/ Down to the People

Slumdog Millionaire

Why is it so crazy that someone can be in love through so much and still hold true to that one person? Why is it that there really are moments in our life, where our destiny becomes clear to us.. where the fabric of reality itself opens and we see not only our future, but also who we really are... what we can really become. And then work our lives to become that thing. It is not a religious thing. It is spiritual. And it is real. So. Go see slumdog millionaire. Now. You're still here?

The Fourth Amendment, SMS Version

Someone asked me once about why I am so interested in seeing the fourth Amendment updated to cover us in the electronic age and all that "secure your identity" kind of thing. Well, to start the new year off right - for your reading pleasure, Here is the fourth amendment. SFW The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized Ever had that person at work , that is stealing blog pages from you and using them in their own anklebiting way to undermine you? Ever had thousands of junk mail arrive shortly after taking out a subscription or hitting a web page where you registered - and the people there decided it was time to move in and take over your email account since you did? These people, in m…