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A Friend of the Devil

(Is a friend of mine.)

Things I need to do / Things I'd like to do

There are things I need to do, and things I'd like to do. Needs first. Number one, is a big win somewhere in business. I have shareholders, and I have a business - and I need to score a win there somehow. Product or service or whatever. I have some testing results for a product line coming back this week, so this is a possibility for 2011. Second, I need to figure out a way to inspire emotional and physical honesty. No more flab. No more gaslight. No more complex stories that cover up our feelings. No more standing there while my body slowly turns into nothingness. And physical honesty also means - cut out all scar tissue and graft and replace, remove scarring in veins, shave a layer off the lens of my eyes, repair toenails, replace old broken bones with new ones and/or new joints, and finally - in general, get back into training. I want an ironman. But it's not going to happen just sitting there watching the world go by. Third, and finally - on the need list - I n…

The Tree of Life


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Gil Scott Heron, "Home is where the hatred is". RIP 5/28/2011

Destiny - Zero 7


Do you really understand?

36% of people who are on facebook, and under the age of 35 - check facebook after sex. 64% will do so, while they are driving, and 65% will check facebook while they are on vacation. Do you really understand what this means? In high school and in college, at present - are the first generation that the world has produced - which has had access to the internet nonstop since they were born. And they are now using it to graft into their lives - a sense of connection to others that is forged through artificial environments. A person once told me "It's easy to be charming when you are an avatar". In fact, in the above statistic - you are 300 percent more likely to check facebook after sex, than you would otherwise - if you're using an iphone. The background of the net should be a relatively anonymous. One should be free to forge whatever identity one can truly support as a contributor to the cosmic fugue. An internet identity is, a nom de plume. And also, an …

How to Get Fired

The company is big
they won't miss it if you take it
go on
pilfer office supplies

Is anyone walking back to your office?
No. They don't care if you're at your desk
you have plenty of time to get things done
so take your time
Surf the net

And make sure
when they need you
to turn your cellphone off

You should know if you're going to get fired
you can read the writing on the wall

So take as much vacation time as you can
make sure to cash it all out
and speak up about how you're going to be happy
working somewhere else
other than this god-forsaken company

You deserve so much better
don't worry if they aren't happy with your performance
just work on your resume instead
and sleep at your desk
and hit facebook
and play warcraft on company time

then march right up to the boss
and ask for what you deserve

Text to Speech

Is that the speech recognition thing
Wasn't this something that was supposed to work right forever?
Did it hear what I said?

I said: I love smartphones
each new app
connects me to new things
I love doing things on my ipad
even things that I don't need to do
And look at this
unlimited calling
unlimited text
unlimited data

As I write this
I'm falling asleep
to music on hold

Supersonic - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Turn the Volume Way Up. Trust me. It's worth it.


Swingers , or 'lifestyle' couples - are usually pretty interesting people. I have learned, from my friends Freddy and Eddy (Freddy is the girl, Eddy is the guy)- that swinging is kind of an art form. It's a sexual exploration that has hidden rules. The first rule is that , in general, much of the swinging encounter needs to be coordinated by the women. They will have feelings during the encounter , and it's better to let them set scene. If you, as a guy - want to scene, and she doesn't. Then don't. Consensuality is the basis of kink. On the other hand, if she does want to scene - let her choose the playmate. A hidden rule that many guys won't read into the scene - is to keep your attention focussed on your current mate. In a threesome, it's easy to have one person stranded. Swingers like to do foursomes, where soft swaps are possible. This helps to even out the feelings / and have the emotions happen in a way that can be harmonized to activity. …

Super Sad True Article

Filed in the 'literacy' column - and for all colorless readers who have read the amazing book - "Super Sad True Love Story" by Gary Shteyngart .. Author pictured below. (Does he remind you of Frodo Baggins?)

Gary got it right in a chilling way. If you read the book, the post apocalyptic future it paints is frightening. If you don't believe it, I offer, as apocrypha - the following article that questions whether the 'Age of America' will end in 2016 . The article is short, but very relevant. America is in a natural place for itself as a beacon of Democracy. And with the death of Bin Laden, comes an unlock of the Wisdom of the Quran, and the revolution in the Middle East. The cornerstone of which is a triad of compassion - justice - and equity. Happy Wednesday! ;)

Memories of Green - Vangelis / Blade Runner [AMV]


Colorless Colorblind

It's hard to believe there was a time, in which white society did not regard black women as capable of the highest grace and accomplishment. It is the testament of women such as above, that this more is today nothing but an artifact of a distant past. Some say the sixties were responsible for this freedom - my observation is that as long as women such as this are in the world - it is only a matter of time before the exact shade and color of their skin are a non-issue.

About Us

For some reason, you and I form a unity . It is an unlikely pairing. Your skills and thoughts are far different from mine. Your body is different from mine. Your skin , your taste, touch and smell are different. You wake at a different time than me. You are done with your dinner, at a different time. You have different hobbies and interests, although we share some. And yet, you and I are , in many ways - one. We are together, and we help each other. We laugh about the same things - we are challenged and inspired by others. And we cry about the same things. We have different viewpoints, different ideas - but there is something that seems to unify us. The part that unifies us lives beyond us. We are, in some ways, by nature - immortal. But this form of immortality depends upon our ability to be able to share, and to love. In hate, we find destruction. And death. But in love. We find hope, peace, harmony. To love, is in many ways - a skill. It is also something that is deep w…

Getting to Know You

You carry an aura. Everything seems to be worth living for, when you are here. The day lights up when you respond. You are not easy to know. But you are worth knowing. You are successful. You are beautiful. You are intelligent. You seem to be kind, and giving. You are at the still point of life and creation. You are a blessing. I am happy to know you. I am glad you are here.

Getting to Know Me

I am not worth getting to know. I've let millions pass through my fingers. I've destroyed companies, brought my own personal finances to near death, and I am not known for any major contribution to humanity other than my passive existence and contributions of work. Most of which, add up to a role that can be easily replaced. I breathe the air you breathe, and exhale toxic carbon dioxide. The green grass does get a little greener - but then again, so does the grass near or beneath a patch of dog dirt. I drink the same water you drink, but I have also tried to help purify the waters that others have tried to drink - and at time of writing, failed. So, it could be said that unlike the cool, pure water that you drink and enjoy - the water that I have helped bring to the world, at least at time of writing - is dead, horrid tasting and worthless. This may be different next week, but we're not talking about the future. We're talking about now. I am in an office, an…

Ride On


Urban Girl

Does pink make you puke?
Can you go broke
making 250,000.00 a month?
Would it make you wish you had spoken
to a Valentine?

If you made 200 million dollars
would you use it to search for extraterrestrials?
Are you very technical and tolerant?
Or just another girl?

My clothes are clean
I bathe
I know how to use silverware
I can afford this place
But I am not one of you

Burn, Barbie, Burn

Hi. I'm Ross.

Thoughts on a Post Bin Laden World

America can be over the top. At times. Ok, maybe all of the time. We were founded on very liberal ideals - religious freedom, constitutional democracy, and a sense that if we were to be taxed, let it be done by the will of the people. We never argued the case that we should be a libertarian country, but if you track back to the origin of our nation - that's the closest political trend you can find. And that was only because we were disperse, and there was no need for regulation. Nature tended to take care of that. If you were a bad person, you wouldn't likely get help with your farm. The first big storm, where you needed the help of your neighbor - would kill you. So by and large, colonial America was a pretty fun place to be , if you had any sense of ethic, and if you were self sufficient. Religion was very light hearted, and very much a part of life - the bible was by and large the only real book the family kept. A minister, walking down the street, would ask of a coup…

Happy Mother's Day


Drive - Incubus [Cover by TheGiirl]


The Question

In every endings begin
is a beginning's end
an ancient saying
earth and wind

He knew that when he kissed this girl,
and forever wed his unutterable visions
to her perishable breath,
his mind would never romp again like the mind of God.

and water and fire

So he waited, listening
for a moment longer to the tuning-fork that had been struck upon a star. >
Then he kissed her.
At his lips’ touch she blossomed for him like a flower
and the incarnation
was complete.

Two engineers in a bunker
just for fun
program the computer
and ask it the question
what is the meaning of life?
it cannot answer
but they forget
to turn it off

An internet grows and changes
weaving itself into space and time
the program runs, adapting, improving
still searching for the answer
its computing powered by the energy of a network of stars
running quantum gate powered processor
RAM and solid state drives
at lighthning speed

And humanity dies
the last person evaporating
sol nova
but still the program run…

Warcraft: Hardmode

I joined what could best be described as a semi-hardcore raiding guild this past week. My first encounter with hardmode was a really black and scary feeling that you can't do whatever it is you are setting out to do. Almost a paralysis. This gripped me immediately/ and completely. I had been in the guild no less than an hour when the first invite to a heroic raid had been given. I was farming, and the spawn points weren't in the right places - and I felt strange and awkward on a new server. And it was a raid that I'd never done before. So now, the first time I would ever see it would be heroic mode. I wanted desperately to do the raid, but at the same time - I knew that if I jumped in, I'd kill everyone. I declined. But the feeling of fear - that conflict between wanting to go, and knowing that I should not - made a big impression on me. I guess it reminds me most of that key transition point we all make, as raiders - when we're newly levelled. Normally a pla…

Where It's At - Beck


VO Day : Journal Entry - Afternoon

Lunch break, and I surfed the net. My focus was sharp, my skills keen. I sought valuable information, digitized representation of data streams that contain the very essence of what man values most. Capturing these streams using advanced technology, I sort and collect them and proudly display here my finding, borne of the hard work of lunchbreak - and human victory. The ultimate product of years of network engineering advancement, best practices, digital technology and protocol research:

It should stand to reason that any responsible blogger such as myself, should devote at least another five or ... maybe six or ... seven... minutes or so to careflly inspect this digitized data now illuminating the pixels of our screens. There could possible be PNG / open source format graphics compression related error. ... Ah... or... something... ... you know... always one to do my part.....

Update: 12:52pm, on hold with Dell server support for a brief moment. And it struck me that I could com…

V-O Day - A journal

My son and I waved the American flag at sunrise, the kids in the neighborhood did also. Cars honked as they went by. A happy bus stop. Busy morning, most in the office seem to behave as if they have a sense of relief and for a monday morning, it's a pretty effecient start to the week. We're getting alot done. Lunch, at my desk. TED Talks FTW.

What I am doing to celebrate the End of the War

This is a moment everyone will remember. This day, when Al Qaeda was finally hit hard enough for us to know that we've fought back and won, against our enemy - the army that attacked us on September 11, 2001. There was a funny feeling building within me all week. It started, really, with something I read out of - a really well written quotation from the Koran. And now, with the death of Bin Laden. I am going to celebrate by reading the Koran. Slowly and carefully. I will listen to the words of the prophet. To Arab wisdom. I am doing so, because I have come to realize that Islam, and the pursuit of peace is at the center of the uprisings in Libya, and Egypt - and the world. Because Islam is , at least in part , about discipline. And because the best of what any religion has to offer centers around personal growth, and harmony. Ok. Actually , to tell the truth, it was really one quote that made me want to read it. It didn't have anything to do with bloodlus…