Super Sad True Article

Filed in the 'literacy' column - and for all colorless readers who have read the amazing book - "Super Sad True Love Story" by Gary Shteyngart .. Author pictured below. (Does he remind you of Frodo Baggins?)

Gary got it right in a chilling way. If you read the book, the post apocalyptic future it paints is frightening. If you don't believe it, I offer, as apocrypha - the following article that questions whether the 'Age of America' will end in 2016 . The article is short, but very relevant. America is in a natural place for itself as a beacon of Democracy. And with the death of Bin Laden, comes an unlock of the Wisdom of the Quran, and the revolution in the Middle East. The cornerstone of which is a triad of compassion - justice - and equity.

Happy Wednesday! ;)