VO Day : Journal Entry - Afternoon

Lunch break, and I surfed the net. My focus was sharp, my skills keen. I sought valuable information, digitized representation of data streams that contain the very essence of what man values most. Capturing these streams using advanced technology, I sort and collect them and proudly display here my finding, borne of the hard work of lunchbreak - and human victory. The ultimate product of years of network engineering advancement, best practices, digital technology and protocol research:

It should stand to reason that any responsible blogger such as myself, should devote at least another five or ... maybe six or ... seven... minutes or so to careflly inspect this digitized data now illuminating the pixels of our screens. There could possible be PNG / open source format graphics compression related error. ... Ah... or... something... ... you know... always one to do my part.....

Update: 12:52pm, on hold with Dell server support for a brief moment. And it struck me that I could commit such an error. As to not have run this experiment twice, or more. To make sure we have the same result. And so, off to the vast network in search of useful data.:

lol. ok back to work :)