What I am doing to celebrate the End of the War

This is a moment everyone will remember. This day, when Al Qaeda was finally hit hard enough for us to know that we've fought back and won, against our enemy - the army that attacked us on September 11, 2001.

There was a funny feeling building within me all week. It started, really, with something I read out of adbusters.org - a really well written quotation from the Koran.

And now, with the death of Bin Laden. I am going to celebrate by reading the Koran. Slowly and carefully. I will listen to the words of the prophet. To Arab wisdom.

I am doing so, because I have come to realize that Islam, and the pursuit of peace is at the center of the uprisings in Libya, and Egypt - and the world. Because Islam is , at least in part , about discipline. And because the best of what any religion has to offer centers around personal growth, and harmony.

Ok. Actually , to tell the truth, it was really one quote that made me want to read it. It didn't have anything to do with bloodlust. It was this quote:

From the Koran

A man should fill his stomach one third with food, a third with water, and leave one third empty.

Ok, I know this isn't exactly a quote about war, but you know? It make a big impression on me. This is a whole new way of living, and I like it.

The death of Bin Laden to me, is the death of the enemy. We had so much trouble with bad leadership after we were attacked - we went off and hit Iraq, and really - they weren't our enemy. Bin laden was. This is as much a cause to feel comfort and peace that a part of the war we've waged, is now finally over - as it is, a great reason to read deeply and understand.

We learn. We grow. And we play. It's their time. Now. The brave people fighting against bloodthirsty dictators like Gadafi - who would mow them down with machine guns.

This is , to me, about peace, and justice. and real meaning. Osama represented to me, a wholesale murderer. A villian. A person whose very life essence was directed at the destruction of life. A black void.

Maybe this is all really going to be "what I did on my Osama vacation" - maybe there will be others that jump up to take this bearded weirdo's place. I'm not really sure anyone can take his place. He was a really bad, bad. Person. It is difficult for any human being with a heart, to have that much hatred. That much perversion - twisting the aim of so much that is good - into evil. A 14 year old girl, trained to blow herself up. No. That's not right. Any father who has a daughter knows this in his heart, to be true. And anyone too, who has loved another human being. Knows that kind of destruction of human life, goes nowhere.

This was a war. And we were the good guys. And the bad guy just got killed. 2001 changed me, personally and fundamentally. And now the death of Bin Laden, the enemy, has changed me again.

Thank you for reading this. I am wondering if any change, you have felt in your life? Or anything that feels different?

All yours.