About Us

For some reason, you and I form a unity . It is an unlikely pairing. Your skills and thoughts are far different from mine. Your body is different from mine. Your skin , your taste, touch and smell are different. You wake at a different time than me. You are done with your dinner, at a different time. You have different hobbies and interests, although we share some.

And yet, you and I are , in many ways - one. We are together, and we help each other. We laugh about the same things - we are challenged and inspired by others. And we cry about the same things. We have different viewpoints, different ideas - but there is something that seems to unify us.

The part that unifies us lives beyond us. We are, in some ways, by nature - immortal. But this form of immortality depends upon our ability to be able to share, and to love. In hate, we find destruction. And death. But in love. We find hope, peace, harmony. To love, is in many ways - a skill. It is also something that is deep within us. One can love, alone. But to love another, is to complete the circle.

We are children of a lesser god.