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Just Like You Imagined - NIN/The Matrix[AMV]


I Made This Poem For You

I think , at last, I should speak directly to you
because somehow everything I am
is in your hand

And I think, at last, that you should know
that I half expect the world to be cold
to leave me black and blue

Some are born to win
Some are born to lose

But all, in my view
should know the happiness
of a well married man

I know I have told you stories of sadness
And abuse
All of this happened, more or less

But I want you to know
that even though we are apart
we are together

And I love you

Do something wonderful.

Read Tagore.
Run six miles.
Paint a portrait.

Live a life with morals
A life observed
Become who you are
The blessed virgin
offers her protection

And so does Pedro.
You know..

It took me like three hours
to finish the shading
in this poem

It's probably the best I've ever done.

Sweet happy valentine.
My funny Valentine.


Her hands
do not shake

Her eyes
are set calm

But the dark hides monsters
that jump out and get her

Orange hair
Red Eyes

A bullet with her name
Her boyfriend
Threw her upon the ground
pressed his body upon

Eyes closed
Even open

She held him in the dark
Her eyes set calm

She will see the summer's day
She will remember the fallen

She will hold her firstborn
and name him Jon

A Warm Place - NIN/ NBK


A Message for Raven

He held her picture
in his hand
Died in the battleground
Song of Solomon

His eyes looked skyward by night
glazed and bright

Life is so much dying
so many different ways
He remembers her taste
His breath leaves him at last

Then silence
His last moment
And she is there

She was there
She will always be there
And now
He is gone

When she gets the message
in her doorway
it comes by soldier

And she hits the ground
with both knees
her body collapses
into a circle to Zion
the world spins beneath

The soldier touches her cheek
Then leaves

Her eyes look skyward
tears like diamonds

And after the sadness passes
she hates him

Leaving her here alone
Two children
And a home

A Salem coven
building within the seven gables
of a private hell

And just like that
her hear turns to stone

No more feeling
No more love
No cellphone
No long road

The simple chord
of a song
to cover the world

In shades of black
from which no wingbeat can be heard
from which nothing can be said
nothing to be done

But sim…

Do It Again, You're Going to be Famous.

Contest Entry

And now I wait
for the judges to return
I know part of my entry will be flawed
but happy that I entered
and happy that it was good enough to have won

I hope the judges wonder
how much more I can become
and that I do not become entangled
in the reasons I lost

But instead I wonder how to win
every mistake
becomes an opportunity
every problem pairs a solution
no matter how hard to find

it's not the kill
it's the thrill of the chase

It makes you

No man is an island
unto himself
every man a part of the continent
a piece of the whole

Therefore no contest entry diminishes me
I do not ask for whom the bell tolls

The bell tolls for Michael Jordan

The Man Who Couldn't Cry - Johnny Cash


A Novel

Write the manuscript
and then
throw away the first page

It's going to be okay

Keep everything together
and let a little light of creation
Flow through a break

In the forest
for the trees

Lachrimosa - Tree of Life



The dumbf-cks
gave me their registration info

Now I have 50,000 registrations





Escape from Mount Stupid


Introducing Google Input Tools


Peace. Love. And Cocktails.

Bob the Ferret
is like an old jewish guy
the telltale white face
and affect

He leans back
licks your hand
and plays in a box of rice

I love how people
take care of animals

It shows we have the capacity to love
even if we will never
trade it for control

And it's funny , you know
how animal rescue
can give you a parrot

Who occasionally yells out
"You Bastard"

I can only hope
that if I ever had one

He would sing a song

Drink to me
Drink to my health

You know that I can't drink anymore

For what is certain but death
and what is life without it
these little animals live and die
in the blink of an eye
we play their master
they play our pet

It's fun to believe that life goes on

And I just met
a woman
from Craigslist
in a hotel room

Who introduced me
to a Ferret
named Bob
as I touched him
I faintly, purposefully
touched her arm
then petted his head

She wore a faded yellow T shirt
that said

Peace. Love.
And Cocktails.

Sharp teeth
and claws

Your Own. Personal. Google Plus

No static at all
escape from Big Brother
the book of face

at least Google
learns from its mistakes

sometimes you let the first search go
sometimes sift through the page

Not to replace thought
Not to replace faith
Not to touch the earth

Let's run

It's fun to search for something
It's fun to try something new

And now that I've find you
It's a plus

It's not something I have to do
I feel warm, comfortable


In a circle
I didn't make on my own

I write
and read
and share

I stretch my arms
and feel the rain

I see your face
a silhouette
in eclipse

Where the red sun sets
on a railroad town

There is you
and I
through the glass, darkly
My face isn't looking any younger

I touch the place where you were
Where the wind blew through your hair

And checked my phone
then returned
to carbon monoxide
choking me into the dark again

And dreamt
of an app design
and lyric
something you would use

I designed it just for you

And I awoke wondering
what life is like