Peace. Love. And Cocktails.

Bob the Ferret
is like an old jewish guy
the telltale white face
and affect

He leans back
licks your hand
and plays in a box of rice

I love how people
take care of animals

It shows we have the capacity to love
even if we will never
trade it for control

And it's funny , you know
how animal rescue
can give you a parrot

Who occasionally yells out
"You Bastard"

I can only hope
that if I ever had one

He would sing a song

Drink to me
Drink to my health

You know that I can't drink anymore

For what is certain but death
and what is life without it
these little animals live and die
in the blink of an eye
we play their master
they play our pet

It's fun to believe that life goes on

And I just met
a woman
from Craigslist
in a hotel room

Who introduced me
to a Ferret
named Bob
as I touched him
I faintly, purposefully
touched her arm
then petted his head

She wore a faded yellow T shirt
that said

Peace. Love.
And Cocktails.

Sharp teeth
and claws