I Made This Poem For You

I think , at last, I should speak directly to you
because somehow everything I am
is in your hand

And I think, at last, that you should know
that I half expect the world to be cold
to leave me black and blue

Some are born to win
Some are born to lose

But all, in my view
should know the happiness
of a well married man

I know I have told you stories of sadness
And abuse
All of this happened, more or less

But I want you to know
that even though we are apart
we are together

And I love you

Do something wonderful.

Read Tagore.
Run six miles.
Paint a portrait.

Live a life with morals
A life observed
Become who you are
The blessed virgin
offers her protection

And so does Pedro.
You know..

It took me like three hours
to finish the shading
in this poem

It's probably the best I've ever done.

Sweet happy valentine.
My funny Valentine.