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Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars

Open. Mind.

It's funny
but I'm not entirely sure

A lifetime
of preparing for you

Has left me cold
and unable to know

if you are open
if you are soul

I'm certain
love goes on

But you
in this prison we call home
somewhere along the way

Can give up

You can just get tired
or maybe the coffee wears off

And shrug
And say

I'm not going to play
and walk off

I think
Our minds.
Get tired.

Being in a body.
That hurts.

And living in a life.
That does not accomplish much.

I think.
We dream solutions.

And wake to do them.
But the spirit.

Push us back against the wave
make us lay upon the beach

And slowly

racing against gulls
and smashing the castles
against the shore

Do you cry for the lost buildings?
Do you fear for the next turning?

Of tide.
And time.

That wait.
For you.



South Florida

Your Circle

It is alright to learn
that you are still attracted to someone
who isn't part of your life
or can't be the one

If for some reason
they chose a different Geography
or path of life
it's because

They chose a circle
of friends and places
not your own

You can still love them.
Part of them still lives on.


The News


Net Neutrality

How to be a Better Writer In Two Days.

be there when the ideas come
and listen

be there when the ideas go
and write them

be there when the people come
and read them

And listen