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Sigur Ros - Glósóli



Blow the explosive bolts
stage separation
falls to earth
parachute unfold
destined to the water
off the Florida coast

We are approach escape velocity
Opening the engine wide

We design a course to the stars

Full throttle
into the dark

Where no man has gone before

Украина имеет талант 5 - Анастасия Соколова Донецк


Narcissus Wizard

I know
let's say he's a narcissist

Then we don't have to thing about the fact that he's writing about God
or tearing out our intestinal tract
and replacing it nanobots

Let's call him self absorbed
then we don't have to think about the fact that he's writing about Politics
losing friends left and right
mostly right

He doesn't share pictures of children or wives or lovers
He doesn't write about others

He doesn't buy into the holy atheist temple of I, me, my, mine
He isn't sure we can sense all we can see
or see all that we can sense
He believes in the invisible sky God

He thinks tattoos are a way assert control
over our own flesh

He writes about polyamory and he plays Megadeth

Let's call him a narcissist
Berate him
Forsake him

Forget him better still

Biting Elbows- The Stampede


You Have Caused Pain

You have caused pain
and it has been felt by another
it has stopped them from being able to feel
and tainted their love

You have caused sorrow
and it has been felt by your lover
it has stopped them from feeling real
and sent them to another

You have complications
and they have obscured the beauty
of the simple things

You have forgotten
the miracle
and wonder

In its place you have created
and complexity

You have built a resistance
to feeling things
everything is perfect
just the way it seems

Except for a pair of angel wings
that fly you low to the ground
and keep you from harm
and remind you

That life is for the living
and love conquers all

Amor Vincit Omni

The Wizard of Oz / Pink Floyd


In Heaven

I have a great Idea for a game
see if you like it

First, we seed the solar system with comets
and set everything up
so that every now and then
one begins

The long haul down toward the sun
and hits this planet
where water coexists with ice coexisting with steam

Then, we let bits and pieces of stuff
we want
you know, the DNA that smells good
let it find a foothold

Add maybe, what would you say? 3 billion years or so?
And see what grows.

I bet you anything
that we will get sentient life.
Let's put them in orbit
just far enough away
so that they get wiped out every ten or twenty million years or so
but just close enough
so they can adapt and select and know
what it's like
to be alive
before the explosion

And darkness
upon the face of the deep.

In Heaven.
No one can hear you scream.

Nostalgia for Infinity

She was printed
from the core of an asteroid

Each part
lovingly sculpted
and assembled by robots

Near earth orbit at Lagrange Point Three

Ice in her hull
forms a radiation barrier
and a breakaway shield

I took helm
in the last part of the year

But first
I got rid of my intestine
and stomach

And like a Hindu Love God
I added a few more arms

Then, in the weightlessness of space
my ears long removed
I floated toward her
with a bottle of champagne
and crashed it on her hull

The beautiful graphic tracing up along her nose
Nostalgia for Infinity

And I pointed her homeward
to the stars

To The Wonder

We travel from one point to another
in love

From nothingness
to being

From dark
to light

From loneliness
to companionship

And from companionship
to sense
and the vast landscape
that holds our spirit

Where we are all part of a divine dance
that began from before we were born
and continues far after our death

if for a few moments

But remembered

Safe And Sound - Capital Cities


A Possibly Random Thought..

Why does heroin make you lose your sex drive?

US Blues


Into Sunrise

Do you believe? In what you see?
Is it all so simple?

How many things can you name.
How many things have a name?

Do you care?
Is it worth the trouble?

How many times today.
How many, is today times today?

Are you alone?
Connected to the world
and to everyone


There's no question. That I love you.
But I'm living in my own time.

But here I am

Whether I'm wrong
or right

Am I

To Make a Judgement of
Your Life?


Flashing true color
a light
that spirals upward
into the dark

to hide away

for another day.

Heart Shaped Box - Nirvana


Blue Valentine

Sometimes a film can strike a chord that falls slightly out of tune, accompanies an off-tone voice and lights up the sidewalk.

Blue Valentine is film that you should see. I am writing this here, instead of on "Social Media" because I want to explore what things really are. My keyboard feels wrong. My laptop is ultra fast and touch enabled and it is dying to download something else and stream and it just deleted an entire paragraph.

But while my workstation keyboard is cold, I will help it to soldier up the hill of a review. Perhaps its constant inability to ignore
the random off key hit and provide any kind of hammering, happy refrain to my writing - will be an inspiration to just wire myself straight into the ultrabook. Who knows.

The film is about a languishing marriage, and flashes back and forth in time. It is beautiful. It is a valentine. And at its heart, are the blues. Aptly named, but also given over to a simple sense of exploration and growth. See it. Yes, I said…