Narcissus Wizard

I know
let's say he's a narcissist

Then we don't have to thing about the fact that he's writing about God
or tearing out our intestinal tract
and replacing it nanobots

Let's call him self absorbed
then we don't have to think about the fact that he's writing about Politics
losing friends left and right
mostly right

He doesn't share pictures of children or wives or lovers
He doesn't write about others

He doesn't buy into the holy atheist temple of I, me, my, mine
He isn't sure we can sense all we can see
or see all that we can sense
He believes in the invisible sky God

He thinks tattoos are a way assert control
over our own flesh

He writes about polyamory and he plays Megadeth

Let's call him a narcissist
Berate him
Forsake him

Forget him better still