In Heaven

I have a great Idea for a game
see if you like it

First, we seed the solar system with comets
and set everything up
so that every now and then
one begins

The long haul down toward the sun
and hits this planet
where water coexists with ice coexisting with steam

Then, we let bits and pieces of stuff
we want
you know, the DNA that smells good
let it find a foothold

Add maybe, what would you say? 3 billion years or so?
And see what grows.

I bet you anything
that we will get sentient life.
Let's put them in orbit
just far enough away
so that they get wiped out every ten or twenty million years or so
but just close enough
so they can adapt and select and know
what it's like
to be alive
before the explosion

And darkness
upon the face of the deep.

In Heaven.
No one can hear you scream.