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God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash

Day 60 , Recovering from Warcraft

Ok, so its not like I'm recovering from heroin. Still, for a company with 2 million subscribers paying 15.00 a month ... jumping into Warcraft (and out of SL) was , for me, as a software guy - pretty educational. How do you make .. millions.. per month? Is it just management, and a good concept and product line? This company will near the billion dollar mark in revenue this year - because it knows how to listen to customers and deliver what they need and want. But what if I need the perfect drug? Warcraft is a social environment. Its basis and underpinning rests completely in its interaction with other people - an interaction that, unlike SL, is guided, and stripped down - to facilitate the view that the goals that are set out are socially - higher priority than the trivial goals of a video game. Warcraft owes its large base due in part to the fact that those who play it really buy into the idea that being a raider is some kind of personal accomplishment. For me, speaking …

Yellow Silk

Am I the only one on this planet who actually read this magazine?

Saving Private Ryan - My Chemical Romance


In Tybee Island, South Carolina - home of the famous "coney winds" , a new marathon/ run/ bike/ swim called 'Flaccidman' is born. Its a rigorous event that tests the very nature of a man to turn soft at just the right time. Here's how the three part event will run. First, a rigorous dunk in the bathtub. Using all of your swimming and aquatic skill, you have to be able to move the rubber ducky in the tub from the south end of a regulation sized tub, to the north, using only your upper arm strength. Its a great workout for that one handed bath so many guys love to take. A team of observers along the route makes sure no one cheats. Once the 'duck has crossed the line' - as the elite refer - you'll make your way into 'transition'. There, you'll clip into your high speed tricycle with carbon frame - and go around the parking lot 25 times. No drafting will be allowed. If your competitor is in front of you, you have to either pass h…

Just Like Heaven - The Cure

A Saturday Morning, In Watercolor

I laid back down
my little boy playing outside on the trampoline
the summer coming
the leaves on the trees a light green

The pillow smelled good to me
cool fresh fun to hold bigger than my arms around
I felt small
I fell into a deep sleep
and dreamed
of straight lines

before we went out to play
I sat at my desk and wrote a poem
a simple one
just to catch who I am
and remember the better part of me

little boy thinks we should sell the house
probably may or june is a good time he says
if just for a while
I laugh

they tore this house down
they tore the road signs down
and in its place
mother nature comes home
turning edifice
breaking walls
letting flowers grow up through the foundation
bees hanging heavily in the air

you're from the south
so I can't hide much
you've seen the milkweed in the afternoon sun
the kudzu and dandelion and the carpenter bee
the afternoon wears on
I roar my terrible roar
and gnash my terrible claws
and roll my terrible eyes
but I have no…


Ok. I have a weakness for females who like Iron Maiden, play Air Guitar and expose dark untruths about evil regimes. My uncle's film 'Blue Crush' played in Afghanistan a few years ago.. It was so cool to hear about a group of girls who weren't even allowed to go to school, make their way to see this grrl power chick flick. Perseopolis is worth it. Go see it. Its a simple film, revolving around symmetries of the human condition, pain, and pleasure. Always balancing the dark moment with a lighter one. Its a story about a young girl growing up in the years following the fall of the Shah. She ends up heading off to boarding school, only to return and find the country a kind of hollow place. My friends from Iran refer to the country they come from as 'Persia'. So I know the game she plays when she is afraid to admit that she was from there. But it is a beautiful place and one day - who knows. Maybe it will be a modern country again. For now. It is cloake…

Dig - Incubus - [AMV]

Warcraft, Recovering

He identifies himself to his friends, by saying, first his name and then, that he admits he is an addict. He does this without mention of the substance or the form of addiction. He then states he has been clean for 35 days. The room is dark and the chairs are arranged in a circle. The people in the meeting hall, at a local church - hear this missive and applaud him. He goes up to get a cup of coffee and sits back down. In the bookstore, he is buying Dan Simmons 'Fall of Hyperion'. He overhears a conversation between a slightly overweight and pleasantly attractive storekeeper and her sales colleague, but only in brief fragments as he comes up to the counter. They speak to each other in conspiratorial, hushed tones. He recognizes a word. "Did you say.. Blade's Edge".. he asks her colleague. The sales attendant nods his head dismissively. You're not part of the warcraft club he seems to say. "She's talking about Warcraft." ... Yes ... I…

In The Know - The Onion News Network (ONN)

Fixing Craigslist: A Study in Micropayment

Craigslist is an environment where people can post for free - classified ads, personals, or participate in forums (my fave). And as of this week, its also a place where the public perception is now centering on whether or not Craigslist is going to be a place where murderers hang out so they can find a way to come to your door and kill you in your sleep. But the part of of Craigslist that is broken has nothing to do with whether or not its a good place to meet people - the personals ad side of CL is and always will be a place where people should be careful - just as people should be careful meeting others in real life. And for all the press CL has been getting about this killer up north (damn yankee) that murdered a fairly attractive young lady who was posting an add for 'full body service massage'.. the truth is, its a fairly safe place to hang out. But for the wrong reasons. Craigslist personals are being spammed to the deep nines. Almost all of the personals ads …

For Tina Dico

I wanted to talk to you
About nice chairs and things to eat
I wanted to talk to you
About what a young woman likes to feel
First I wanted to say
You are Zero Seven And They are You

Confucius say
The point of the journey is not to arrive
But he never heard you sing
Your words and their sound
For me are the beginning and ending
A way to the dark blue night
between the stars
A way to get my feet back on the ground.

Can you hear warm sound
of a million people singing along?
Take them home

There are a million ways to laugh
All a different path
When you're not with them they are gone
Its the singer not the song
That makes it move along
I want you to
Join Zero Seven
When You Can

I don't care if you don't trust me
when I say you look
I'm only saying
you have your thing and thats ok
you call it almost alone
and detour
and a beginning

in the waiting line

Careful with that Axe, Eugene


I sort of wasted a Friday night watching blackballed. I consider it kind of a breathing exercise, it made me laugh and cough. There was this scene at the end that was pretty good. These three guys go down into the basement and this guy introduces them to this sort of bomb shelter where he has this big banner called NOSO - National Organization for Statewide Offensive . And then the guy proceeds to tell them about the organization.. how, if there was ever a nuclear war , NOSO would go out and 'be the first ones out there, to help the militias, real guns and everything'. The first guy turns to the second and says.. hey I kind of smell meat. And the NOSO guy says, "I like to come down here and eat Wendy's Cheeseburgers and Jack Off. You know, just power jack that pole"... He's got these pictures of pinup girls in his cave there, and so he asks one of them to pick his favorite one. So the guy picks this girl..Miss February.. and he says , see... she'…

Three things to do if the economy turns around

Three things to do if Obama has really pullled the rabbit out of the hat, and we've found the bottom of the market a month and a half ago or so. First, the real estate market is really gapped between what banks will finance, and what buyers will sell for - the banks are boxing everything they see and that box is not very big - and the banks are also, just like in 1929 , undergoing a cashflow problem so they're going to sell from their inventory of properties fairly reasonably - and they are motivated to sell. Buyer's market. So, if you can - you might want to sell your home (get a good price on the thing) and then jump into one of these bank-owned homes. Do not finance it through the bank, but set your financing up and arrive at their door with cash in hand, and walk away with a really great deal. Second. Buy stock. Ok - you didn't get in at the very bottom. Thats ok. That type of investment or statistical analysis is really just for people who are crazy enoug…

The Chemical Brothers

Put the pin back in the Grenade

Full on, he hits the floorboard
Tuner perfection slides across smooth top floor
traveller of both time and space
The import pulls four wheel drift
all will be revealed

The car slides to a stop, adrenaline , burned rubber and him
A fast counterclockwise turn to kill the engine
the door opens , city stretching out below the brown haze of morning
leaving a trace on the wall midway up by dawn
like a yellow desert sandstorm
pollution moving into his lungs
makes you cry..

Once when he was young
he saw someone go out in the desert
with dynamite
and flowers and metal
they set it all off
blowing the image of the flower into solid steel

He laughs and looks out across the city
The theme from linus and lucy
an old beatles tune
classical music
the sun doesn't go down
its just an illusion
its freedom
at zero

Welcome to Entropy airlines
If you'll turn your attention to the front of the cabin
the flight attendant will now demonstrate
putting the pin back in the gre…

Heaven - Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze was actually a BMX'r from Maryland that used to shoot for Transworld SK8 Magazine.

Same Sex Marriage

Ok, so I write a post about how I'm not beating my kids up in their face, and I get Google Advertisments about "Displine Your Kids". Hmm.... I wrote a piece for another blog on the issue Same Sex Marriage today. I wonder sometimes, when I write about something - how the Google Advertisements generated. I guess I'm just mentioning it here to see what happens. .I met someone last week that was getting prosecuted on an anti-sodomy charge and I just got miffed at the byzantine laws that would turn someone with a near perfect 4.0 GPA, an 18 yr old kid - into a felon because he was queer. The guy was fucking his playmate in a car, and the cop just shines a light in on them and arrests them. Then, he gets threatened by the police that if he does not plead guilty on the charge ( this is one of those laws that the GLBT like to fight in court ) - that they would register him as a sex offender and make it available online. So, if laws like that exist, are they the sam…


There was this little girl that used to come do sleepovers with my daughter. She was a single child, and horribly spoiled. So I tried to counterbalance that. She was rude to my son, so I would hold her feet to the fire when she did that. It was seemingly resolved. I never hurt her, but I wouldn't put up with her insulting my son and she had to apologize, and that was that. She would flash me mean looks and proceed to whisper in my daughters ear afterward - but I thought that would be the end of that. Nothing major, put your dishes in the sink, be polite to others - that kind of thing. But obviously something she wasn't getting at home. Her father is a milquetoast and her mother is this big, buff girl scout troop leader whose best friend was a former woman bodybuilder. The little girl was very bright, and I was glad she was my daughters friend but I always considered her fairly spoiled and whenever possible I tried to draw her out. Its just my way, I guess.. nothing harmful …

My Life In Technicolor - Coldplay

Thank you for reading me.

Of Mice and Men

Illegitimate son of man
Living alone
Two cats playing downstairs
Its morning

Breakfast table
is set for one

He notices she
is pregnant
not more than 9 months old
How many in human years?
He pulls her close

On his desk
A faded copy of a magazine
called Heavy Metal
Pencil and ink drawings seem to come to life
The nike of samothrace
Two views from the group of laocoon
the horror of being eaten alive
the texture of stone and skin
the frozen expressions of horror
in black and white

he brings the cat up
stroking the soft fur
his weathered face
deliberately buries itself in the kitten

Last night
she killed a shrew
for him
her drive to live
goes beyond herself
but for her simple companionship
he cares for her
all the days of her life
and she
will kill again
for him