I sort of wasted a Friday night watching blackballed. I consider it kind of a breathing exercise, it made me laugh and cough. There was this scene at the end that was pretty good.

These three guys go down into the basement and this guy introduces them to this sort of bomb shelter where he has this big banner called NOSO - National Organization for Statewide Offensive . And then the guy proceeds to tell them about the organization.. how, if there was ever a nuclear war , NOSO would go out and 'be the first ones out there, to help the militias, real guns and everything'.

The first guy turns to the second and says.. hey I kind of smell meat. And the NOSO guy says, "I like to come down here and eat Wendy's Cheeseburgers and Jack Off. You know, just power jack that pole"...

He's got these pictures of pinup girls in his cave there, and so he asks one of them to pick his favorite one. So the guy picks this girl..Miss February.. and he says , see... she's got a big thatch. Its because she's winter. Thats a secret. Look at Mrs. August and her bacon strip there.

Ok. So I don't have a life. But at least after that thing I don't have nasal congestion either.

The deleted scenes are pretty interesting. For example there's this one scene where the main character is going through this video diary posts and he talks about how gorillas do it , and as they do it, they're like... looking around and stuff. And the female gorilla is looking around also. Just looking out into the Jungle.. while they're doing it.. looking around the camp..

What can it all mean?