Put the pin back in the Grenade

Full on, he hits the floorboard
Tuner perfection slides across smooth top floor
traveller of both time and space
The import pulls four wheel drift
all will be revealed

The car slides to a stop, adrenaline , burned rubber and him
A fast counterclockwise turn to kill the engine
the door opens , city stretching out below the brown haze of morning
leaving a trace on the wall midway up by dawn
like a yellow desert sandstorm
pollution moving into his lungs
makes you cry..

Once when he was young
he saw someone go out in the desert
with dynamite
and flowers and metal
they set it all off
blowing the image of the flower into solid steel

He laughs and looks out across the city
The theme from linus and lucy
an old beatles tune
classical music
the sun doesn't go down
its just an illusion
its freedom
at zero

Welcome to Entropy airlines
If you'll turn your attention to the front of the cabin
the flight attendant will now demonstrate
putting the pin back in the grenade

He's reborn
flying higher back up the side of the building
falling in reverse

the elastic whipping him back
bungee jumping a saturday afternoon
into peaceful oblivion
climbing his own cables back up

how much we need time
to be able to move at all
distance over time through space
three on
one off

driving home
through the haze of the city
and sunlight
his antenna broken off by the car wash
the chinese guy gave him forty dollars
a bumpersticker that quietly reads

Rock is Dead...
Long Live Scissors and Paper.
.. Where the wild things are.