Same Sex Marriage

Ok, so I write a post about how I'm not beating my kids up in their face, and I get Google Advertisments about "Displine Your Kids". Hmm....

I wrote a piece for another blog on the issue Same Sex Marriage today. I wonder sometimes, when I write about something - how the Google Advertisements generated. I guess I'm just mentioning it here to see what happens.

.I met someone last week that was getting prosecuted on an anti-sodomy charge and I just got miffed at the byzantine laws that would turn someone with a near perfect 4.0 GPA, an 18 yr old kid - into a felon because he was queer. The guy was fucking his playmate in a car, and the cop just shines a light in on them and arrests them. Then, he gets threatened by the police that if he does not plead guilty on the charge ( this is one of those laws that the GLBT like to fight in court ) - that they would register him as a sex offender and make it available online.

So, if laws like that exist, are they the same as not having any law that allows gay people to get married? I don't know. I think my real issue is with the law itself - I don't see why anyone would need to make laws that regulate sexual activity between two consenting adults.

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said…
I dont really think about it alot to tell the truth.
Dark Cloud Nine said…
ha don't get me started... well I see why... and it's all religious. I don't see any other reason why honestly.

To be frank, I don't know zip about politics, but I know the president swears on the Bible in this country. That tells a lot.

Other things tell a lot too.

Of course a lot of countries still have not allowed same sex marriage even though they have in theory separated their government from their clergy, but I'm thinking they will get there faster.

Now, you wanted an opinion right?