Your Own. Personal. Google Plus

No static at all
escape from Big Brother
the book of face

at least Google
learns from its mistakes

sometimes you let the first search go
sometimes sift through the page

Not to replace thought
Not to replace faith
Not to touch the earth

Let's run

It's fun to search for something
It's fun to try something new

And now that I've find you
It's a plus

It's not something I have to do
I feel warm, comfortable


In a circle
I didn't make on my own

I write
and read
and share

I stretch my arms
and feel the rain

I see your face
a silhouette
in eclipse

Where the red sun sets
on a railroad town

There is you
and I
through the glass, darkly
My face isn't looking any younger

I touch the place where you were
Where the wind blew through your hair

And checked my phone
then returned
to carbon monoxide
choking me into the dark again

And dreamt
of an app design
and lyric
something you would use

I designed it just for you

And I awoke wondering
what life is like
with someone you don't love
I awoke feeling alone

Oh Well

At least you have my ghost
I have your cross

Like Prometheus
Sacrifice engineer
on Google Plus
having a hangout

A skeleton
wearing cheap sunglasses

nothing lost
in translation

When it starts to rain
pieces of me fall down
like nyan


into your own