Things I need to do / Things I'd like to do

There are things I need to do, and things I'd like to do. Needs first.

Number one, is a big win somewhere in business. I have shareholders, and I have a business - and I need to score a win there somehow. Product or service or whatever. I have some testing results for a product line coming back this week, so this is a possibility for 2011.

Second, I need to figure out a way to inspire emotional and physical honesty. No more flab. No more gaslight. No more complex stories that cover up our feelings. No more standing there while my body slowly turns into nothingness. And physical honesty also means - cut out all scar tissue and graft and replace, remove scarring in veins, shave a layer off the lens of my eyes, repair toenails, replace old broken bones with new ones and/or new joints, and finally - in general, get back into training. I want an ironman. But it's not going to happen just sitting there watching the world go by.

Third, and finally - on the need list - I need to lead. I need to be able to take the dream and make it a reality. There are only a few in the world like me - not many. We have a job to do here. And that job involves leadership. Inspired leadership. Comfortable leadership. Lead.

Things I'd like to do. First, I'd like to go to Hawaii and/or Puerto Rico. I'd like to go there for the waves. And for the diving. And for the food and the atmosphere and the fun. And I'd like to stay for more than a day. Second, I'd like to buy a Tesla. So start selling them, LA. Third, I'd like to learn how to fly an airplane. And finally, I need to get my ollie higher.