Sex Drive

Ok. I just finished watching Sex Drive, and its effing hilarious. There's this one scene where.. I'm not going to go into details but it involves handcuffs, a trailer home, and... ok. Never mind... Let's just say this. I laughed so hard I was like. Choking. Gasping for air.

The film is definitely a one-hitter. You watch this one once. But what a ride. Sex Drive is the story of a guy who wants to hook up over the net with a Ms. Tasty, from some random social networking site. The premise is... if he comes all the way to her, she'll go all the way to him.

The film is a ride across the country - through Amish territory, in and out of prison, corn fields, rock concerts, a fireman fantasy room, and Senor Donut costumes.

You have not lived until you've seen a Donut take down a car thief. Nail him in the leg with a BFH round, then pin the guy down on the ground with the ridiculously oversized shoes on the dude's neck.

The Unrated version actually isn't as good as the Rated version - if you can see that one , go for it. Which is to say, the unrated version isn't all that bad - it's the version I watched. But I can see where the rated version would be better.

One day, someone is going to make a really wild, watchable film that has alot of real sex in it - and people are not going to be able to lift away from their 3D TVs. Until then, you can watch 'Sex Drive' and just enjoy the ride.