How to Make Money Writing Poetry

Your first step, as a poet
is to realize
that everything you write
or create
or design
or animate
is part of your epic poem
that will sell ten million copies
each alike
in shape and form
and then , as surely they will
upon inspection
the myriad differences between each one
will be carefully noted
by people who never buy books
and these differences, when examined closely
will multiply
and pay royalties
to learn
grow and play
and your equation will be complete

the thing you described
that everyone knows
in a way that no one can understand
will then, finally be at home
with everyone
than the thing that no one has ever understood before
in a way that everyone can understand
is the ground
and the ocean
the fire
the water
the air
life unfolding
and you will have made that journey
past birth

to where you began
and you will know it for the very first time

A stranger in a strange land
who keeps all his money
in a big brown bag
inside the zoo