Do not Text and Drive a Starship

I think, we share something.
A sense of nothingness

I think we both understand
the courage of light in dark
and the transformation
of man

The guild
that flies between the stars

Must be from they
whose heart
beats thousands of years

There is no other way
than to cut out your own
and replace it

And we would find our way to them
like a man
slowly gone mad

Ocean in his blood
Red the sky above

The vast spaceship travelling through the dark

I think
we share something

An ability to transform opium
An ability to mete punishment
The way of the guild

I think we understand
the helplessness of life
the hopelessness of flesh

And we both will trade
the part of us
which will not die.

For a part that lives on.

A part that
carries us to a new home