Black and White

For Alie

Looking through
infinite possiblities
as above so below
above and beyond outside the lines of reason

push the envelope
watch you bury me

Let me stretch my arms deep through redwood loam
your roots pierce my bones

Watch you grow tall majestic strong
the California wind blowing through your arms

Let the raging sea crash forever against Sur
breaking past Steamer Lane double overhead
biting my lip again
when I see your picture

Let your fingers trace my scars
Let me lose some fucking weight

And get my ollie back above two feet again

Feel the rhythm
Feel the night
Feel the black widow

Bathe in the fountain of my painted death spiral
Airbrush you on jet

so high

The sky

Against the white of your skin
We go into a dive

A free fall frame

Time enough for me.

But the real turn on might be.