The Secret Gift of Lebanese Kitty

I am a liar
there is no disguise
I work as a shadow
in a dying office

Everything I do adds to nothing
and in facing the task of writing
I threw up
the taste of vomit in my mouth
works to elevate me
just enough to bring me down

And so I relate
in the only way I know how
the gift that was given
and my humble thanks

For once there was a film
named the Secret Life of Walter Mitty
and a person who wanted me to see it
that was truly a friend

And I cut it down
because I was high
and I knew that if she trusted in me
she would fall with me
and maybe I was just not used to being high
because it was the first time in 15 years

But I attacked this beautiful film
and left it , like parts falling from a car
stranded by the side of the road

The gift of gold
from a lebanese woman

And tonight, even if by symmetry
I happened upon it
and realized
just how good hearted it was
and how sweet the gift
and the giver

And I free myself from myself for just a moment
and realize how thankful I am
that you were my friend
and I made a secret plan

To Show this Film to My Son
For he is a dreamer, like me
and he is strong

And all at once I remember your beauty
and your mind
and who you really are

And my dick gets hard
Let it go.