In the beginning
the earth was without form
and so too space
and time

And then
we began to learn.

The darkness before
and the criss cross paths of those against
Were like black waves
on a quiet, open , holy
without edge

And then there was light

But how? Why? Not by chance
because chance has nothing in and
of itself

Which is to say
Chance is a nonentity, enough.
just argue from the reverse.
The constants, laws, and model
perhaps one out of billions
simply matched

we simply landed here
in the habitable zone
and there you were
and here I am

So Happy Birthday

I am like the man
who having lived in the desert
his whole life

becomes an expert
in water
and knows its molecular weight
the degree between interpolar bond
the spatial properties
as a function of entropy
and enthalpy
surface tension

But never drank a single drop

So which word? Which thought?
like a woman
from the Piraha
near the Maici

A mura

the rose
and thorn