Diana's Story - An assignment.

You will start with:

Near our house there is an old tunnel through which runs a disused and very rusty railway line. One day, armed with a powerful torch, I decided to walk through it to see where it led to.

Write two paragraphs.

I walked on. Farther. The light of my torch illuminated the walls. The walls seemed to be covered with the roots of trees. At first, I was not sure if the man was an illusion. If the roots or limbs of the trees had formed in the distance to become the shape of a man.

He speaks in broken spanish, and she responds in english. I listen. He talks. His voice seems to come from everywhere. And nowhere. He says that he ran here. But his shoes are clean and his suit is pressed and nice. Then my tourch failed. But where the man is, there is a fire. I sees lettering on the wall. "Chernobyl." His voice is warm and his words are polite and I feels safe. But something is not right. At last his story is done. And then a chill came over her body. And I saw his face was pale. Ghostly. He seems to be able to stretch his arms to any length. He begins to stretch his arms outward. She is hypnotized. And in the strange light she sees his face. There is no eyes. There is no mouth. There is no nose. A tall man. In a black suit. With no face.