Up and Down

I really don't care
if you're alive or dead
if you love me or if you don't

I am not really in love with you
and the reason is simple

I had all my love removed

It took awhile to drag it out of me
but I had help

Thanks to the miracle of modern surgery
they only had to make a small cut
and then they removed it
with a stripper

I didn't ask them
to use local
they had my head turned away
but just before

I caught a glimpse
of ultrasound

Pick me out of the lineup

I'm easy to find.
I have a number beneath.

I am smiling.
I try to sleep .
I'm wide awake.

They won't leave me alone.
They don't take vacations.

I don't care
if you hate me.

I don't care. If you think.
I'm passive.
If I'm.
If I'm.
If I'm.

I don't care.
If you love me.

I just want your love
to bite into my chest
and with elegant stainless grace
push the warmth of your hand
into everything I am

Us. and . Them.

I had a friend.

Who only half remembers
the ancient Indian spirit
that takes men's souls

Maybe I walk with women
because I know
I can outrun them

Misanthropic stars songs and faces

Close your eyes my love
picture me wasting alive
a thousand years old
in orbit

My arms so thin
My mind long gone
to weightlessness

I wish. My love. I could tear the dreams out of my skull.
And hand them to you.
Wrapped in a bow.

The journey to you
is through my soul

And in the end. It's only
round and round.