Food and Water

Food and water
are essential to life

One without the other
is hard to find

Food can be caught

It can radiate down
touching your skin
turning it brown

Water can take any form
like the wonder twins

Salt and clear
fresh and clean
It grows on you

And it's free

And the people of the earth stood waiting
Can you hear me?

That piece of bread
caught their food stare

and one by one
their eyes opened
as the bread
became a festival

And then there was a fish
who split
and it's tuna clubs

Hey Sandwich Artist
Fill these bags
we have to make our way back into the mountains

We all made a run
for food and water

Eastern Daylight Time
floating endlessly
we become mice
we break the speed of sound

And slam into a sandwich
and drink like dwarves
and clean up afterward

And then we're ready to go