I had a conversation
where I wanted to show someone
something about depleted steel
so I pulled out my knife
and showed them the handle
and closed blade

I encouraged them to take it, hold it.
Try the feel.

But then something strange happened
as we talked
the person said.

"Give it back to me"
and at first I was surprised.

They held onto it.
And I smiled.
But enough being enough,

I told them.

If you do not give me back my knife.
I will call the police.

I asked for it five times.
Finally they returned
my knife to me.

Wiping away their fingerprints

shaking like a leaf.

I suppose.

She wanted leverage.
she could use
to claim
her paranoia
was real

Out of her depth
and rolling in wealth



I thought as I reflected
I would laugh
but only a sadness fell upon me

She had sent me a letter
all but confessing her love for me
and I explained carefully

That I love someone.
That polyamory.

Is about honesty.
I asked if she told her husband.
We were meeting.

She said no.
And began to shake again.
So many things to fear.

And all at once I felt her brother
reach through the ether
and place in my hand

A needle.