The Vice Presidential Debate

I share the problems, that Sarah Palin shares. I am, at my worst, egotistical, self centered, narcissistic and completely unable to see myself as wrong in any way. I try to force issues, where none should be forced. I usually try to find ways to make whatever I am thinking , the right thing for everyone - or, alternately, if you are opposing me - I tend to - when I am at my worst - give you the ninth degree. If at the end of all of that, you're still lined up against me, and you happen to be right - again, at my worst - I tend to acquiesce whatever point may have been made.

I also share her problem of being unable, at times, to focus on a question. For example, she was asked "What is your Achilles Heel?" and she responded by saying , in effect, that she's perfect as she is. She completely ignored the question. In her mind, she felt that she answered it, I am certain of that. Because that delusion - that inability to see the question for what it is, and to force a substitution for whatever obsession of the moment - is a part of my own problem.

I also, like Sarah Palin, tend to float into memorized segments of things. I store them. Memories to me, like ideas, are wonderous things . I noticed how , when Palin said that her candidate would "Fight" she had kicked out a rehearsed line. So much of what I know is like a song, that I can sing again. Maybe, in reality - I don't really know it at all.


When Biden almost cried I realized my greatest problem. I have settled for second, in my life. Biden wanted the presidency. He got a ceremonial job instead. His dreams for his children will never be those of a president's child - rather, a vice president.

Like the last Eight Years, and Like the McCain presidency, the power of the Vice President will be wielded in two vastly different ways by these candidates. They have both delivered. They have helped us to see into our very souls. And to mine, as Biden, a sense of humility and duty. The execution of an office, given by trust. Less judgement. More wonder.

A fundamental difference. And perhaps, a path to greatness. Biden knows he will only be remembered as a Vice President, and that his duty is to return that office to its constitutional position. I have it easier. To bring my company, and family, to wealth. To discover intergenerational wealth. His is a noble duty. Mine is simply to answer the feral instinct of competition with the civility of best practics.

Dick Cheney has corrupted the office of the Vice President. Tonight, Sarah Palin stated categorically that she agreed with Dick Cheney's vision for that office.

And Joseph Biden, Democrat, Senator from Maryland - disagreed. He stated Article One of the Constitution of the United States of America clearly outlines the role of the Vice Presidency. His tenure as our next vice president will, as I hope , my own life - be one of humility, accomplishment, and balance.

They say the art of the diplomat, is that he will tell you to go to hell, and then, when you're there - you'll notice that he helped you to enjoy the ride. Maybe, in its own way - thats what we did, as a nation when, by two to one, we decided in favor of Biden tonight. Maybe we finally grew up a little bit. This is a public office. And the debate was spirited, and to the point. I will never vote for the Palin ticket. Ever.

Well I was drinkin' last night with a biker
And I showed him a picture of you
I said, "Pal get to know her, you'll like her!"
Seemed like the least I could do.
Cause when he's chargin' his chopper
Up and down your carpeted halls
You will think me by contrast quite proper
Never mind how I stumble and fall.
Never mind how I stumble and fall.
You imagine me sipping champagne from your boot
For a taste of your elegant pride
I may be going to hell in a bucket, babe
But at least I'm enjoyin' the ride
At least I'm enjoyin' the ride

- Robert Hunter

My name is turnerbroadcasting, and I am a Democrat.


Anonymous said…
Do me a favor. Read Article I and then go back and see what Biden said and what Palin said. Article I defines the legislature's powers, not the executive's. Biden = Wrong. It specifically says that the VP is President of the Senate but only VOTES when there is a tie. Any lawyer worth his salt can tell you that being President means something other than voting in a tie. It doesn't say what, thus flexibility as Palin suggested. The funniest thing about Biden being fundamentally wrong while lecturing Palin is that he has been in the SENATE for like 30 years AND is running for Vice President. First of all, he should know this stuff. Second, he shouldn't lecture if he doesn't have a clue.
Being president means executive power, but expanding the powers of the office of the vice president is in direct contradiction to that constitutional definition.

Bush was such a weak president, that Cheney chose to expand the role of the VP. And did so, creating a "CEO" position for America.

Which, I guess, if you're a bush republican, is something you like.

Not me. He addressed the most difficult question of the debate carefully and precisely.

In fact, I can't understand why you're talking about the office of the Vice President, as if its the president?

Is it because your candidate is so old?
Anonymous said…
PRESIDENT of the SENATE!!!! That is what the Constitution says about the VP in the part of the Constitution discussing legislative authority....

Just trying to educate you. Palin was spot on. Biden was dead wrong on what you say is the "most difficult question of the debate." It wasn't precise or careful.

I am a Republican but I'm right, at least one this one. Look it up and get back to me.
No. Biden's question was spot on and Palin's question was ad hoc ergo propter hoc.

Actually, the short answer is . I remember a cool special we watched once in High School during Social Studies. (I got an A)

They rolled in the TV for a documentary on "how the constitution was written".
Well. The first vice president walked in, after we had defeated king GEORGE and the fires of the war were just dying down.

Well. The Vice President stood over the senate, and tried to make the senate work the way he wanted to. Finally, they just asked him to sit down. And it was decided amongst our founding fathers that , such an office would be ceremonial.

And so it is. Until. The Bush Republicans.

You can skip this part if you like. IF you're a bush republican, you're probably not interested in it.

Cheney radically altered the office of the vice presidency. He made, in my view and many others a sort of 'CEO' position out of it, where he bullied other agencies and tirelessly worked to create more bureaucracy.

Case in point, when there was no compelling data to suggest we would need to go to war with Iraq, Cheney used the office of the Vice Presidency to create a new bureau of intelligence. Under Dick Cheney, CIA operatives that disagreed with him were betrayed.
Under Dick Cheney, the energy policy meetings were held with top executives from big oil and he arbitrarily granted himself the right to simply ignore judicial subpoena to produce the records of the meetings.

Treason. Unbridled expansion of bureaucracy. Corruption.

A radically altered vice presidency. Dick Cheney was and is the most toxic vice president in the history of the United States.

And the Unitary Executive issue is in fact, the most important issue of the race. Because thanks to Bush Republicans such as yourself, the white house now simply ignores parts of bills that make it to its desk. And they spy on Americans without cause or due process.

What I found, when I read the constitution of the united states, which I, as a military man - am sworn to defend and protect.

Was this. A balance of powers between Judiciary, Legislative, and Executive.

The office of the Vice President's role in the senate is symbolic.

But the office of the vice president, under Dick Cheney - clearly stepped on the Judiciary - the Legislative and vastly expanded the powers of the executive.

There is a Frontline/Nova Special on this called "Dark Side" based on a quote by Dick Cheney that said "We will need to walk on the dark side"

Look it up. Biden correctly answered the question. Palin got it wrong.

And further, if you were asking me to vote with anyone who is agreeing with Dick Cheney - look, I am not trying to browbeat you , but seriously. That's the last thing our country needs right now.

Here's the link to the special on Cheney . Type in "Dick Cheney" or "The Dark Side" such as the like. You'll find it.

Thanks for a good post. No problems with republicans. But if you're a Bush republican ... well thats another story.

Since you can actually write, I am thinking you might not be a bush republican.

But Sarah Palin is a Bush Republican.

I am a Democrat.