Teresa One

Here are my thoughts
that are your thoughts
that have been our thoughts
since before time began
and after it will end

First, dead air rings through the sky
because all of that time
was not when we were alive
the realm of soft illusion
that we never lived
and all the world unborn

And this brings us to music
you play during sex
but it's all just music on hold
maybe like life a bit
you and me

And so we weave our way
into enfoldment of space and time
that keeps a pocket of miracle
left from all the disease
and our soft eyes
and fading senses
return us to the place we came

Plant me in the ground
next to a redwood
or an oak
but never a pine

Let my body feed the world
as I have fed from it

and never be its mistress
but its lover
and friend
the ocean closes in

And the Gryphon rises
with terrible Will
carrying valentine
to twenty nines
that every four years
adds one more day of life

To you.