At the Playground

I was reading Joyce, watching my brood of 5 kids playing and generally trying to ignore the fact that the noise levels were through the roof - when I came to a stopping point (its Ulysses, so you can imagine - think. page 5?) - and I struck up conversation with the cute latina mom whose child was playing next to me.

The child was standing on a ledge, about three feet. She looked to be about 3 years old. She jumped off a small ledge, about a foot and a half high. And she extend her arms out when she landed, looked up at the sky and just went cold.

Stopped breathing. Blacked out. I helped her mother swoop her up. The little girl was as limp as a rag doll. She comes to, right when I have dialed 911 and have the operator on the phone. Her first breath drawn in ragged with this huge rasping noise.

We tell the 911 operator its a false alarm and then she recovers. She's complaining of a pain in her abdomen. What happened? She seemed ok after that. What happened to this little girl?


M@ said…
I thought about reading Joyce once but then decided not to.
You're .. SMOOTH Frank.

* inhales sharply