Octaves are Universal

Here's something kind of cool. In every musical form around the world, for some reason, the octave exists in some form or another.

There's alot of discussion about the octave and its role. Pythagoras, the great mathematician - which many believe was in fact a woman - was the first to try to form a theory around the idea of the octave. It was supposed to be a theory that unified everything. Most recently, Garrett Lisi found that the E8 Lie Algebra group -a 248 dimensional group , as long as you don't account for chirality - gives you alot of the standard model. He's on to something, one way or another. What I like about his theory is that it makes fairly simple predictions for 22 additional particles to be found. And it also makes a general assertion, that Pythagoras was working towards.

The principal bundle connection and its curvature describe how the E8 manifold twists and turns over spacetime, reproducing all known fields and dynamics through pure geometry - Garrett Lisi

Not sure why music without Octaves, sounds wrong, but then again, I've never really met Yoko Ono either. Which is kind of cool, I guess because Garretts problems with color would probably complement Yoko's white art on white wall colorlessness. At least for the moment.

A hypothesis I could draw from what I have written earlier on abiogenesis should bring up 8 as a sort of magic number, because the lattice and molecular driven networks that shoot towards pioneer organism, likely carry imprint of the 8 dimensional manifold they traverse to get there. Again, this model predicts that life in the universe evolved at the center, and that seed organisms traverse the spiral boundary of the galaxy to seed out the rest of the galactic arm. It also tends to recognize prosody as a more primitive language form, sort of completing the concepts Chomsky laid out. Language is truly innate.

Click on the elementary particle explorer on the side of my blog, if you want to find out what happens when you escape into eights. Enjoy.