Is Cheating Ever Justified?

Wow. this stopped me cold today. I'd just finished winding down after a morning of work + I happened across this.

The key to this article, is not to profile the husband - but rather, the wife. She gives an example of a wife, for whom cheating may be justified. Excerpt follows:

The majority of that relationship seems to consist of (the wife) treating her husband like something that got stuck on the bottom of her shoe, the property of which she cannot quite identify, eliciting a nonstop look of thinly-veiled disgust and disappointment.

In fact, it's hard to think of moments in which this housewife is not humiliating, degrading, and emasculating her husband. ... She actually chastised him for breathing too loudly. There she is in the supermarket ripping him a new one for being a lousy spouse. There she is at the pumpkin patch shouting at him for being a substandard father. There she is telling him to stop mumbling like a fool. There she is explaining to the camera that she doesn't care what anyone else thinks

This stopped me cold. Certain the above is emotional abuse and neglect. But in my discussions with a divorce lawyer (I was going to do some work from him) I found that. any hint. echo. trace of a relationship on behalf of the male. Is usually grounds for definitive custody going to the female.

Even more so, I can't understand why she uses this example to illustrate her point. The woman up there in her example is behaving so. Nice.


Thinker Me said…
TB - Parece ser necesario que leas ese artículo de nuevo. Leelo, una vez mas. Si.
Thinker Me said…
Ah, one more thing - Cheating is NEVER justified. It's the coward's way out...