Happy Fathers Day

We went swimming, that was the high point of the day.

My gonzo son and I made a pact to try a flip off the diving board. First thing he does, is a full flip right off the high dive. Over compensates into a bellyflop so hard we pulled him out of the water with a nosebleed. This little girl that happened to be his same age went up and introduced herself to him . Her name was Keera. She ran up to him and gave him a Wild Cherry capri sun. I looked at my son and said to myself. Definitely wild cherry. They want to play together again.

I spent most of the pool session going for a flip. Finally I just got into doing these bunnyhops off the board, seeing if I could hit the board hard enough to get really high into the air. Did that on the high dive, the view was nice.

My daughter gave me a book. On one page, there's a little textbox that said "Silent Running". I read it. And the whole day opened up.

In it was the story of an experiment that was brought up to the ISS. It was a chemical garden. Grown on earth, this garden made these well-patterned, organized crystals that attained a natural looking form.

However, in space - away from the gravitational field of the earth - the same chemicals grew +either+ completely random (lost sequence) shapes, or completely well-ordered spirals .

The theory I wrote had an explanation to that problem. Its not that surprising. I need to dig up on this, since it was an experiment in 1987. I should be able to find something about it.

At night, we had Indian. A cute little India girl named Pia sat next to us. We had a great time.


Thinker Me said…
I love these posts! They really are the reason I read this blog.

Buen trabajo!