Death of the March Hare

I had a dream of a rope
that went up to where
the sky turned black

balloons supported its weight
its fullerene cord
helium buoyed

I imagined a lonely robot
climbed slowly its length
and the dirigible wing
its parabolic strength

At the far end an anchor
and I guess I designed
there, a nuclear engine
or something. I get to decide, its my invention

(isn't it great, not to have to write all the time?)
(but sometimes, to be free to build, with your hands?)
(I wish sometimes I could use my hands on you)
(You are too far away, shall I continue?)

whatever the fuck it was
I shot it against the belay
as upwards whatever thing would climb
lonely made its way

no big flash
no smoke
not alot of fire

No space captain
no hype
no camera

In fact, Getting there was. Boring
And only after I woke
I spent a moment
in the lucid morning
adding elevator people
beautiful, asian watercolor
the ones you sometimes see
in all those architects drawings?

Bridging from yesterday until today
ken and barbie
live up there in space
going slightly mad
and when they fell to earth
things seemed ok

But then

She went to the store
and grabbed a pair of depends
and drove to on through the night
without bathroom break
packing serious bbgun heat

It was then my son passed by my bed
on his way to play with our four kittens
he treated me as if I wasn't there
while I was wondering how to do the line integral

Haven't played golf in far too long
Want to see just how far
I could hit that buckyball

And I decided, this is a good problem, this fits in
But I put it all off and played with the kids
in some religions, maybe its a sin
I don't care

Later that night
from you
collapsing away part of my uncertainty
I saw the beauty of the female form
and it got me off

I awoke , changed
A smile upon my face
and went outside to the porch
looked down into the grass

And there it was
Its soft ears uneaten
its legs unchewed
entire body wasted

The rabbit. died.
Ah kitten
Mother must have done this for you
Its just passing down her imprint

Next time.
they will eat you.

And they get.
what they want
and they never want it again