For Mallory

Canto I
The begin

She drove through the sun
into the best thing she ever had

She could feel it inside her

She went into that place
The mouse shadow
on the moon

took the water of life
and in her womb
her unborn child
heard the sound
and song

Not subspace, but not bad

Of the class she was teaching
the sound of laughter of the children
the sound of fucking
they sounded glad

to leave ideals
and share different thoughts
the lessons she has learned
the lessons she's taught

parts of us lost
parts found
carefuly kept
under glass

next to the trophy
down the hall
and a printed old newspaper
of when she mattered
as they hand her the award

canto II

she has her baby in jail
and he decorates his cruiser in pale
shades of green and grey
with blue lightplay
airbrushed image of a woman
stretched across the hood
and down the side

he wants to be with her
and she wants to be with him
they sit together
touching each other
her tits pressed to the glass

how things just keep going
and when the time is up
how easy to interrupt

Canto III

So do you want to touch me?
Yes he said.
She leans back. On the charger
and he goes down on her.

Her thoughts flash back.
Indian music.
The image of a dragon.
Breathing smoke.
The sound of a sitar.
The hostage she left in the room
With him.
Dreaming of a big jumbo trinitron
Knowing what he was doing
when she wasn't looking
He doesn't let her see weakness
and she can't stop thinking of him
her drive through kinksville

She whips the gun out of the holster
and pushes it against the boy
And pulls the trigger
Worst head I ever had.
and kicks his lifeless corpse.

Returns home to her husband.

Canto IV

They spend less money on shoes.
They pay their bills on time.
Only drink the finest wine.
Call every sunday.

Forward the charges.
She thinks back to the time.
They both patched calls around the world.

And now. Old.
Their lives passive

He turns to her and says.
I have a 24 year old submissive.
and she says perhaps
its time to talk of divorce

she leaves to get him a cup of coffee

the boy she took on the hood of her car
how wet
he thought she had a hot ass
every body every body every body count

she finds romance
on her menu

drops the powder in his coffee
and she says quietly
I love you

And promises herself to feel all of these years

he sets down the cup. before he drinks.
and at once . he thinks for a moment that he knows her.
from that moment he first met her.
the steam rises up over the rim

the sun and the flowers
still in her hair.
where there used to be rain

he remembers how the first time he met her
just the fact that she waited
before she humiliated him
was enough
to get him hard

and what a difference a day makes
now with age
she is even more beautiful.

and he sets down the cup.
and says.
it was just an excuse. anyway.
to talk to you.

it was then they realized
that in their marriage.
divorce was never discussed.

However frail and flawed she is.
15 years and they still fuck like minx