Ohhh Fuccckkk Yeaaaa. Or was that only three letter A's in that Yeaaa :-)

Yes, this is a job app.

The Apotheosis of how I feel about the world. I was once the fourth ranked Mage in World of Warcraft, precision arcane single target dps. Q: What's the difference between a Syrian Middle School Playground Slide and a Taliban IL Levant Uranium Enrichment facility? A: Shut up and fly the drone. Who knows where one's next target might come from? Three years back, adjusted, draft and unadjusted. Plus a full backup of that .. vendor... who happened to get stiffed on that deal. you know the one, Donald. Just ask Chris. ... Well. It would appear.... that one might have ...... the returns. Pledge my loyalty to defend the united states constitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic, I pledge my undying (and will probably end up dying) loyalty .. To Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton, of whom I , a former Bernie Sanders ...guy who was operating a mirror or two in the smoke and mirror of a well fought and well won primary that now stands , with the end of cannabis prohibition #endcannabisprohibition , the world is round and #vaccineswork (nice alliteration .. , clean, to the point... just like the thimerasol bullshit that was just the product of someone's overactive imagination as to why a conference had to be moved to an atlanta suburb ... ran out of floor space, man... that'sit... ... err.. where was i ,... oh yea.a...and nice move on the public option .. god , this is the woman who authored the fucking battle plan of healthcare reform............... anyway, this me ans ,ok, ok... laying my sword down at your feet Hilz. _*\o/*__/\___ throw a brother some paypal lol