Work is Hell: Isometric Exercise Edition

Ok, work out with almost nothing. Drop to the floor and do a half pushup. Hold it for 30 seconds. If you can. Try even . 10. Do a situp. And just raise yourself 6 cm off the floor - see if you can hold that. Just do it.

Find your limits at work today and push them. If anyone is lagging on your invoices, get them to pay. Fix things. Get alot of work done. Now.

Kick some butt. Take some names. I'm going to head down to the middle of Atlanta today with a circuit board thats been bothering me.

For me, this means I have some on-the-fly coding to do for software that is heading to a conference and it will hit the conference floor bug-free. It has 55 errors in it now. Damnit. Ok. Get back to work you little sneak, or this could be you: