Healthcare Action Alert

Alright, word is now coming out that the bill coming out of committee is one tailor made to make the lobbyists happy - its not real universal healthcare at all, its a toxic fake based on the Massachusetts model, that won't solve our problem at all.

Here's a quote from a study on that system ..

PNHP’s study of the Massachusetts model found that the state’s 2006 reforms, instead of reducing costs, have been more expensive than expected. The budget overruns have forced the state to siphon about $150 million from safety-net providers such as public hospitals and community clinics. Many low-income residents, who used to receive completely free care, now face co-payments, premiums and deductibles under the new system - financial burdens that prevent many of them from receiving necessary medical treatment. Since the state’s reforms passed, premiums under the state insurance program have increased 9.4 percent. The study found that if a middle-income person on the cheapest available state plan got sick, he or she could end up paying $9,872 in premiums, deductibles and co-insurance for the year.

The point of a Universal, National Healthcare Service is to provide for any US Citizen just the simple plan that all members of the Congress, and the Senate already enjoy. As does some of our veterans.

I believe strongly that we need to have a real situation in place where we can enforce coherent, strong legislation to come out of this committee now. And the committee is essentially closed - it consists of people who have not by and large been a voice for Universal Healthcare. Three centrist demcrats, and 3 conservative republicans. What is happening is there is a law being written right now that completely ignores the will of the American people - of whom, 72% are in full-throated endorsement of National Healthcare. This bill is a super-weak compromise that doesn't do anything at all.

This is a deeply personal issue for me, because I know someone who simply can't get healthcare despite being healthy. The Insurance companies have pigeonholed her as someone they can raise rates on, astronomically - and on top of that, the care that they do cover - is inadequate and doesn't provide for preventative care.

Therefore, if you feel, as I do, that this issue is important enough - take action now. Whether in person (paid vacation, anyone?) or online, by contacting Baucus Directly via webmail.