Aunt Beast

It was a dark and stormy night
the wind blowing so hard
it shook concrete and reinforced steel of our wall
lightning when it struck, filled the whole of the sky
when she arrived and said Tesseracts are real

And when my unborn son told me to go

It was like walking but really riding through a veil
if you touched it , it felt like a gel
It had no form and it shined like water
It feels like rainfall on a sunny day
and as you passed through , cool to touch
with the sun coming out
and all the colors of sound

If you passed through one
you may have heard
waves on the shore of Iceland
or the drums of Catalon

Its kind of like holding a cup
or a kitten
the moment before the sunrise

And then came the Black thing

That was when I thought I heard a voice say
God made
Foolish things
to shame the wise
And weak things
to shame the strong

The black thing was entropy

Its strange to tell the story
because it wasn't just a journey
it was , instead, sort of like meeting someone
it was a moment of hope
the tesseract

It was a dark and stormy night
when Ms. Whatsit arrived
she didn't tell us
she once a star
that went supernova
to drive the darkness back
she just showed up one day

It almost killed us
if it weren't for Aunt Beast
the caring one
who helped us mend
because even at a distance
the black thing
hit us

it was so cold
all heat drained from us
and warmth she to return

A Wrinkle in Time teaches us
to love someone so intensely
that it actually changes us and them
easy to understand

by anyone who has ever held
a new life in their own hand