Crunch Time for Healthcare

We need Universal, real, single payer option Healthcare reform in the United States of America. And we need it now. The committee members have been paid off, and the Lobbyists succeeded in delaying the vote a few more weeks - the commitee bill is going to try to become one that drops the key part of it we all need. And then the clock will keep ticking. By my calculations that means, that from now until 17 days from now they will just 30 million dollars in bribery. Legalized. Bribery. Thats 30 million dollars coming down to your representative, or senator. Now. If you don't think that will put a powerful leash on him, think again. There's only on way to counter that. Remember that online donations gave 200 Million dollars in just about twice or four times that timeframe, alone - in the 2008 election cycle and the upcoming advent of microdonation and rapid-pay election models will put the bigger money on the table.

The blogosphere has had a profound effect on the electoral landscape. The memo that turned the tide of the 2004 elections, was not analysed by news media entertainment but rather by an Atlanta blogger. The online donation and campaign model that Joe Trippi set up catapulted an obscure Governor into the pole position at the 2004 primary, raising more money than ever before. And again, the same model brought a junior Senator from Illinois into the white house. A president who is now showing every intent of listening to the will of the people.

Is this weird, I know the legislation is in committee and I feel just like an expectant father - waiting to see how the single payer side of this package will be born. The failed models of Massachussetts, or the proto-commercial packages we've heard discussed -don't work. A real single payer option on the reform plan would unleash a tidal wave of change.

Does anyone know which senators are best to follow on twitter for this issue? I heard Sen. Feinstein is working on something this week. Anyone else? And you know what would be really cool... what if someone followed the lead of Newt Gingrich - and tried to make this issue something that the Republican party can own? Which is to say, Newt will take money from ATR to flip position on this - but he himself said this issue is one that holds huge importance for the party - and an effecient, cost effective system would be a big plus for whichever independent, democrat or republican would champion it. This is America on the line. Lets see how it goes down.

With any luck, it will be a beautiful baby. Get involved, follow this link to act..